tesla pickup model cybertrucki introduced
American Car Brands

Tesla Pickup Introduces Cybertruck

American electric car manufacturer Tesla introduced its new model, the Cybertruck pickup truck, last week. The design of the vehicle and its broken glass during its introduction became a hot topic from day one. All [...]

breathtaking traction in rallikrosta

Breathtaking Contest in Rallikrosta

The final race of the 2019 Turkish Rallycross Championship was organized by the Turkish Automobile Sports Federation, whose short name is TOSFED, at the Körfez Race Track on Sunday, November 24… Bursa and [...]

isuzu from anatolian isuzu

Anadolu Isuzu Hopeful from 2020

Anadolu Isuzu, which has the most widespread service network for commercial vehicles in Turkey, came together with its authorized services and sales dealers in Cyprus. Evaluation of 2019, 2020 [...]

near the end of diesel vehicles

End of Diesel Vehicles Close!

According to laboratory tests, diesel engine vehicles, which are confirmed by the World Health Organization (WHO) to harm both the environment and people, are approximately 10 times more likely to die. [...]