tesla pickup model cybertrucki introduced
American Car Brands

Tesla Pickup Introduces Cybertruck

American electric car maker Tesla introduced its new model Cybertruck pickup truck last week. The design of the vehicle, the glass was broken during the presentation was the agenda of the first day. In addition to all this, [...]

Offroad Championship in turkey KahramanMaras

Offroad Championship in Kahramanmaras in Turkey

With the cooperation of the Metropolitan Municipality and other stakeholder institutions, the 6th Leg Final Race of the Turkish Offroad Championship will be held in Kahramanmaraş between 30 November-1 December. Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Kahramanmaraş's liberation from enemy occupation [...]

the move also brought its expertise in the sector to the oman market

Mobility Moves Its Expertise in the Sector to Oman Market

The leading company in the sector with its technology, expert staff and superior service standards, Movement Project Transportation and Freight Engineering added the Duqm Refinery, which is under construction in the Sultanate of Oman, to the important projects it takes part in. of the refinery [...]

breathtaking traction in rallikrosta

Breathtaking Contest in Rallikrosta

The 2019 Turkish Rallycross Championship final race was organized by the Turkish Automobile Sports Federation, whose short name is TOSFED, at the Körfez Racetrack on Sunday, 24 November… As a result of the qualifying races held in Bursa and İzmir [...]