DEFENDER Releases for the First Time in the US

DEFENDER Releases for the First Time in the US

DOF Robotics, which has made a name for itself with the innovations it has brought to the entertainment industry by using robotic technologies, has made its mark on the industry after Hurricane 360 ​​VR, which it developed with XNUMX% domestic software [...]


TRAGGER Awarded Best Design

T-Car, the newest member of TRAGGER New Generation Electric Utility Vehicles, whose production started in 2018, was awarded the Good Design Award from Design Turkey. At the award ceremony held at the Haliç Congress Center on November 15, the Governor of Istanbul, Mr. [...]


TCDD Mechanic Courses Will Reopen

TCDD Machining Courses Will Be Reopened; Since there is great demand for the reopening of the machinist course organized by the General Directorate of TCDD Tasimacilik AŞ, which was opened on February 21, 2018 and attracted great attention, the course should be taken. [...]