People living in Bayburt and the surrounding provinces will be transported to the Baksı Museum by BMC Bus

Bayburt and surrounding provinces will be transported to Baksi Museum
Bayburt and surrounding provinces will be transported to Baksi Museum

Baksı Museum, one of the most extraordinary museums in the world, bringing together traditional arts and modern arts, BMC, one of the leading companies of the Turkish automotive industry, has joined forces to meet people living in Bayburt and surrounding provinces with culture and art. BMC gave a bus to the museum to provide access to the Baksı Museum.

Baksı Museum, which acts as a unique cultural interaction center on the hill in Bayburt, outside the city's 45 kilometer, continues to add value to its geography. Turkey is one of the leading companies in the automotive industry and is working tirelessly to Turkey over the years 50 BMC also provides full support for Bakshi Museum. The people living in the challenging geography of Bayburt and the surrounding regions will be transported to the Baksı Museum in order to meet culture and art by BMC's gift.

The focus of the Baksı Museum is human and its values

Founder of Baksı Museum Dr. Hüsamettin KOÇAN explained the importance of the bus, which is a gift to the museum, for Bayburt and the surrounding provinces:

“Baksı Culture and Arts Foundation started its museum studies in Bayraktar Village, formerly known as Baksı, 45 km away from Bayburt, the smallest city of Anatolia. It is no coincidence that the Baksı Museum, which opened its doors in 2010, was founded in that region. It is aimed to find solutions to the problems of cultural alienation of the region, the ruptures and chaos caused by social erosion due to intense immigration. Baksı Museum's focus is every zamthe moment became man and his values. The Baksı Museum, which causes the question of the energy that the assembly institutions established in different regions with different models or repeated in the centers will add to the relationship between art and people, was established in Bayburt's Bayraktar Village to reach people on a hill. However, communication cannot take place only by intention, but also means of communication are needed. A special facility provided by BMC for the Baksı Museum to reach the surrounding mountains and cities brought the museum closer to each other by winding roads leading to the mountains. This great opportunity served a great social purpose by opening the main roads that seem obstructed for Baksı to reach people. This value given to the Baksı Museum by BMC will have very important consequences for future generations. On behalf of our museum and the people of the region, I thank BMC.

Taha Yasin Öztürk, a member of the Board of Directors of BMC who expressed satisfaction with the investment they made for meeting the people of the region with culture and arts, said:

"Turkey's leading local and national brands as BMC, is half a century since our organization is taking every step for the future of our country, and we continue to work endlessly for our country. We use our expertise and know-how that we have had since 1964, together with our dynamic and strong human resources, for our works we carry out by anticipating the expectations and future needs of our customers. While doing all these, we do not believe that we have a great responsibility towards our nation as much as our responsibility towards our employees and customers. zamwe do not forget the moment. We are delighted to support a project like the Baksı Museum, founded under the leadership of volunteers who love their homeland and people, and whose sole purpose is to benefit the society. We wish the bus delivered to Baksı Museum to be beneficial for our people in Bayburt and the surrounding areas. "

One of the most extraordinary museums in the world: BAKSI

Located on a hill overlooking the Coruh Valley in Bayburt, Baksı Museum offers new suggestions for the art world. It questions the dependence of contemporary art on city centers, the relationship between culture and production, art and craft, traditional and contemporary. The Baksı Museum has a rich collection of contemporary art, a collection of folk paintings, a collection of under glass, woven and ethnographic materials. The museum undertakes the mission of being a unique cultural interaction center that combines traditional art and contemporary art for artists and researchers and opposes the imprisonment of contemporary life to the city centers and suggests that the center be perceived from the environment.

Baksı Museum sprouted in 2000 as the individual dream of Hüsamettin Koçan, an artist and educator born in Bayburt. Over the years, it has turned into a real social project with the contribution of many volunteers, especially artists. Baksı, which opened its doors in 2010, was visited by more than one thousand people. Baksı Museum, as an interdisciplinary museum; In addition to activities such as cultural tourism, women's employment and children's festival, the company also conducts studies in the field of music.

The museum has an 10.000 library, an 150 conference hall, an 750 theater amphitheater, a guest house, workshops, exhibition halls, a warehouse museum and a helipad. The construction of the Women's Employment Center, which started in 2019, is targeted to be completed next year.

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