Bursa Strengthens National Defense With High Technology

the locomotive of Turkey's national technology-oriented city of the country's economy continues to project an increase in support of Bursa. The shock absorbers used by ASELSAN, which is the strong organization of the defense industry, by importing a high amount, is now BKM Bursa Kalıp Merkezi A.Ş. It is produced by (BKM). Shock absorbers that are subject to export license are used in various projects of ASELSAN under the brand BKM Teknoloji.

ICC started its activities in 2005 to produce standard mold components to the automotive industry, gained in a short time in Turkey's defense industry was able to invest in its production capability has to be among the strategic role players. Emel Özkan Taşyakan, Member of the Board of Directors of BKM company, said that they have turned their activities, which they started about 15 years ago, by producing mold parts for use in the automotive industry, into strategic investments in a short time. Stating that the domestic and national production targets set by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for 2023 were effective in the transformation of the company, Taşyakan said, “We have decided to transform our traditional structure in mold production with the effect of intense competition in the sector especially since 2012. We have set a new road map with the nationalization strategy of our state. ” said.


Emel Özkan Taşyakan, who stated that Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) closely followed the transformation initiative initiated for the space, aviation and defense sector with the production ability and human resources of the city's automotive industry. played a key role in our transformation goals. Thanks to BASDEC, of ​​which we are the founding member, we held bilateral business meetings with all domestic main defense industry companies. We created contact points with international organizations during the business trips abroad. Today, together with the automotive industry, we have an important manufacturing skill in many sectors such as defense, aviation and medical. ” he spoke.


Emel Özkan Taşyakan, who stated that they benefited from the UR-GE supports of the Ministry of Commerce within the scope of clustering activity, said: “We have AS9100 and NADCAP certificates, which are the quality management standard in the defense and aviation industry. On the other hand, we have completed our integration into the defense industry with our EYDEP certificate, which we received with the 'Industrial Competency Evaluation and Support Program' of our Presidential Defense Industry Presidency. We are proud to contribute to the national production targets of our country with the projects we have implemented in the last 8 years. On this occasion, we would like to thank our President, ministries and BTSO. ” used expressions.


BKM Board Member Emel Özkan Taşyakan said that they are an approved supplier of main defense industry organizations such as ASELSAN, TAI and TEI. Taşyakan continued as follows: “Until today, we have made sensitive productions for these organizations. Finally, we developed the 'shock absorber' product, a sensitive sub-system used in a project of ASELSAN. Together with ASELSAN, we started serial production after about 1,5 years of prototype development. These products, which have an annual production capacity of more than 50 thousand, mean that a new one is added to our country's defense industry breakthrough. The dampers purchased in high quantities from abroad and subject to export licenses are now produced in Bursa. ”


In general, it absorbs the harmful vibrations of the impacts that occur as a result of movement in a machine or system and zamIt is defined as a spring, hydraulic or combination of these mechanisms that allow it to stop in the moment – ​​stroke range.

Shock absorbers used in almost all areas where sudden shocks and shocks occur, can be produced with different structural features according to energy absorption capacity and operating conditions.


BKM Board Member Taşyakan also said that with the precision manufacturing experience they gained, they produced critical safety parts for the automotive main industry such as BMC and Karsan. Emel Özkan Taşyakan, who stated that they aim to patent the strategic products they have developed by increasing the awareness of BKM Teknoloji brand in the sensitive manufacturing and subsystem production areas, said, “We believe in the work we do, and instill this belief in our entire team. We internalize all our projects from our Board of Directors to all our employees in the production area. ” he spoke.

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