Turkey's Domestic and National armored SUV vehicle TULGA was showcased at TEKNOFEST!


Turkey's first local and national, naturally armored SUV vehicle, TULGA, was introduced at TEKNOFEST Izmir. Produced for the Gendarmerie, TULGA attracted attention with its high protection and superior performance features. Mass production of TULGA will start this year.

What is TULGA? Who Produces?

TULGA is a domestic and national, naturally armored SUV vehicle produced by BMC, Turkey's leading commercial and military land vehicle manufacturer.

TULGA was developed for the Gendarmerie to be used in internal security duties within the Ministry of Internal Affairs under the coordination of the Presidency of Defense Industries.

TULGA has a carrying capacity of 5 people and weighs approximately 8 tons.


What are the Features of TULGA?

TULGA provides high protection to security forces with its advanced armor and resistant structure against ballistic attacks.

TULGA can reach a speed of 4 kilometers per hour with 250 horsepower from its 130-cylinder diesel engine.

TULGA demonstrates superior maneuverability even in the most difficult terrain conditions, thanks to its disc brakes and independent double wishbone front-rear suspension.

TULGA What? ZamWill It Be Delivered?

BMC will produce 300 TULGA Ballistic Protected Patrol Response Vehicles for the Gendarmerie.


BMC exhibited the prototype of TULGA with gendarmerie dressing at TEKNOFEST Izmir. It aims to start mass production this year and plans to complete its first delivery in 2024.