MotoGP faces visa chaos at first Indian GP


Marc Marquez and Other MotoGP Participants Suspended Due to Visa Issues

This weekend, MotoGP was scheduled to feature an exciting race at the Buddh International Circuit in India. However, currently many MotoGP paddock staff and riders are unable to attend the Indian Grand Prix due to ongoing visa issues.

An Event Full of Uncertainties

The fact that the track work on which the race can be held in India has not yet been completed and the homologation process has not been completed makes the event full of uncertainties. The racers were concerned about track safety and decided to inspect the track in person before participating in the race.

Visa Issues Affect Flights

The majority of the paddock were turned away from flights because they could not obtain the necessary visas to fly to India. This situation affected many drivers, including the Honda factory team. For example, eight-time world champion Marc Marquez had to postpone his flight to India because he did not have a visa. However, if his visa comes through, he hopes to go to India on Wednesday.

Some Teams Could Travel, Some Couldn't

Some teams, such as Ducati and Aprilia, were able to travel, but others were not. This complex situation points to the institutions responsible for making the relevant regulations in Europe and India.

Flight Changes and Refunds

The International Road Race Teams Association (IRTA) has promised to refund teams who had to change their flights due to visa issues.

The Future of the Event is Uncertain

Currently, it is hoped that everyone will be able to land in Delhi by Thursday at the latest so that the event can be run as planned. However, if visa problems continue, there is a possibility that Friday's event will be partially or completely restricted.


MotoGP faces great uncertainty ahead of the Indian Grand Prix due to visa issues. An update from the organizers is expected soon, and the sports world is following these developments closely.