Takaaki Nakagami Will Continue with LCR Honda in 2024


LCR Honda Announces Takaaki Nakagami Will Remain with the Team for the 2024 Season

The MotoGP world is excited with the latest news from the LCR Honda team. The team announced that Japanese driver Takaaki Nakagami will continue with LCR Honda in the 2024 season and will host Johann Zarco as his teammate.

Nakagami started his MotoGP career with LCR in 2018 and he zamHe has been a part of the team ever since. This long collaboration brought him the privilege of staying in a garage created specifically for a Japanese driver. The Idemitsu-backed LCR team seems to have made this decision with confidence in Nakagami's abilities and potential.

However, in the last two seasons, the possibility of young Japanese rider Ai Ogura, who competed successfully in Honda Team Asia, moving to LCR has been brought up many times. This situation made Nakagami's future uncertain. However, the path became clearer for Nakagami after Ogura decided to continue his Moto2 career.

Considering that Honda had a difficult period in the 2023 season, Nakagami stood out as one of the team's most consistent drivers and collected 35 points. With these achievements, he secured his place for the next season.

Lucio Cecchinello, the owner of the team, expressed his confidence in Nakagami, saying, “He is a fast rider who can get good results and, together with HRC, he is one of the most experienced people with this bike, so it is important to keep pushing.” zamWe believe that the moment has come. “We will do our best to fight for the positions we aim for.” said.

Takaaki Nakagami also made an emotional statement, saying, “I feel like LCR is a part of my family, and of course I'm excited to be with them for another season. I want to thank them and HRC for this opportunity, because I know we are a good team. Now work even harder to be ready for the future zamsudden." said.

In addition to Nakagami, Johann Zarco will also join the LCR Honda team in the 2024 season. Zarco signed a two-year factory contract with Honda, rejecting a one-year extension offer from Pramac Ducati.

Much of the 2024 MotoGP season is now thought to be set in stone, but Pedro Acosta's bid to find a seat for KTM and Marc Marquez's future with Honda remain uncertain. We can't wait to see how this season develops.