Fiat Egea Limited: New Generation Hardware

egea limited

Fiat brings a brand new breath to the Egea model family. The “Egea Limited” series, specially designed for the Cross body type and the stylish Sedan version, which continues Egea's leadership in its segment, brings together equipment and elegance.

Sporty and Stylish Design


The exterior design of the Egea Limited series is decorated with remarkable details. 17-inch alloy wheels, which offer a sporty look especially in the Limited version, special line design mirror covers and roof rails make the exterior of the vehicle special. Additionally, the Limited logo and the new launch color “Forest Green” reveal the difference of Egea Limited.

Elegant Interior

The interior of Egea Limited also offers a striking aesthetic. Brown “eco-leather” seats and door panels add a unique look to the interior. The brown front console trim creates a harmonious aesthetic with the seats and completes the style of Egea Limited.

Sedan Body Option


Egea Limited, which has a sedan body type, highlights its elegance with its black launch color. In the exterior design, 17-inch bronze alloy wheels, black color details on the front grille, mirror covers and door handles contribute to the vehicle's elegant and striking appearance.

Unlike the Cross version, Sedan Limited enriches the front console with its brown "eco-leather" design. In addition, in Limited versions, in addition to the Lounge equipment level, equipment such as front parking sensor, electric lumbar support, heated front seats, rear armrest and hands-free trunk lid in Sedan body type are offered as standard.

Connectivity Technology


As is the case with Egea's entire model family, FIAT Connect, Turkey's first and most comprehensive connectivity technology, is offered as standard in the new Egea Limited series.

Prices and Access

Limited versions of Turkey's most preferred car, Egea, offered in Sedan and Cross body types, are waiting for their owners in FIAT Showrooms starting from September, with prices starting from 879.900 TL.

Egea Limited offers more options to Fiat enthusiasts by combining elegance and equipment. It seems to be an ideal choice for those looking for comfort and style in urban and intercity driving.