Otokar Continues to Grow in Italy


Otokar, one of the well-established companies of the Koç Group, continues to grow in Europe in the field of commercial vehicles and buses. Otokar's latest move was the acquisition of Mauri Bus System, which has been operating in Italy for many years. This important step will further strengthen Otokar's presence in Italy, one of its target markets in Europe.

Mauri Bus System: A 101-Year-Old Name in Italy

Mauri Bus System has a 101-year history as one of the most established and respected names in the Italian bus market. Mauri Bus System, which has been Otokar's dealer in Italy since 2010, has delivered more than 700 Otokar branded buses during this period and has created a large customer base in Italy. It has also demonstrated a successful performance in after-sales services.

Otokar's Growth Targets in Italy

By purchasing Mauri Bus System, Otokar aims to be closer to its customers in Italy and follow their needs more closely. This acquisition will further increase Otokar's success in the Italian bus market and increase the effectiveness of the brand.

Otokar Deputy General Manager Kerem Erman said the following about this acquisition: “We have taken our cooperation, which has been continuing successfully for approximately 13 years, to a brand new point with this acquisition. The biggest factor behind Otokar's success is zamIt has a customer-oriented approach. We now offer every service to our customers in Italy. zamWe will be closer than ever and understand your needs and expectations in the best possible way. “I hope my new formation will be beneficial.”

Italy is an Important Market for Otokar

Italy has a special importance in Otokar's growth targets in Europe. Italy is one of the largest markets in Europe and Otokar wants to continue to grow rapidly here. It is believed that success in Italy will make a significant contribution to Otokar's overall success in Europe.

Otokar's Activities in Europe

Otokar has become a preferred brand in the bus sector in Europe, especially in countries such as France, Italy and Spain. Otokar, which has attracted attention especially with its recent successful sales, has signed important framework agreements in the Italian market and has received orders for different types of buses within the scope of these agreements. Otokar attracts great attention in Europe with its environmentally friendly and innovative buses, including electric buses.

By acquiring Mauri Bus System, Otokar further strengthened its presence in Europe and increased its capacity to provide better service to its customers. This acquisition is considered an important part of Otokar's growth strategy.