Leader of Turkey's Fiat Automotive Market

3 Models of Fiat Egea Are the Most Preferred Cars in Their Class! Fiat, which was the market leader in automobile and light commercial vehicle sales last year, continued to be the most preferred brand in August. Brand, 13 thousand 469 in August Total performing cars and light commercial vehicle sales accounted for 22 percent of the automotive market in Turkey. Fiat Egea Model Family became the best-selling cars of their class in 3 different categories with sedan, hatchback and station wagon body options in the compact class.

With the goal of everyone to have access to comfort, safety, technology and design, the Fiat brand continues its successful sales performance in 2020 as well. Being the leader of the automobile and light commercial vehicle total market last year and in the first 8 months of this year, Fiat became the most preferred brand both in total and in the automobile market in July and August. Fiat brand in August alone 13 thousand 469 units of automobiles and light commercial vehicles in Turkey performing sales accounted for 22 percent of the automotive market. Fiat Egea maintained its top position in August.

Since its launch five years, Turkey's most preferred car in which Egea in August, has achieved 5 percent market share by 8 thousand 127 units sold. During this period, Fiat's light commercial vehicle sales were realized as 18.3 units. While the high performances of the Doblo and Fiorino, as well as the Egea, were the most important factors in Fiat's sales success, the share of domestic production in the sales of the brand was 5 percent.

"Interest in Egea Hatchback grows every month.

Evaluating Fiat's successful performance in 2020 Brand Director Altan Aytaç, “After last year, we are pleased to be the most preferred brand in the automobile market in the last two months, as well as our leadership in the passenger and light commercial vehicle market in 2020. In 2015, when we launched the Egea model for sale, "A good car is the same zammust be available at the moment " we said. In the pandemic, the tendency towards new vehicle ownership has increased. We have been with our customers in this process. We responded to the demand with our models suitable for different needs, our accessibility and the solutions we produced in accordance with the requirements of the period. At this point, our customers' satisfaction with their vehicles and the high rates of recommendation after their experience are very valuable to us. In addition to the high demand for the Egea Sedan model, there is also great interest in our Egea Hatchback model. The last 5 years, Turkey's most preferred car which Fiat Egea the day it sold a total sales figure was closer to 230 thousand units today. Our experienced and competent dealer organization also plays an important role in the success of Egea and Fiat, which set a new record this year. Turkey around the Fiat brand successfully representing the dealers and we thank all our employees for the satisfaction of our customers, "he said. - Hibya

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