Togg's monthly deliveries approached 2

togg delivery

Turkey's domestic automobile manufacturer Togg has approached half of its 2023 delivery target.

The company announced that it brought 1 T16X models to their owners between 909-10 August. The total number of deliveries in August reached 1965 units. Thus, Togg has exceeded the 3-month total number of deliveries in one month since it started delivery in May.

With the deliveries in August, 3400 T10X models have met their owners so far. Togg aims to produce a total of 2023 thousand vehicles in 28 and to meet 20 thousand of them with individual customers. In order for the company to reach at least the number of vehicles it will deliver to individual customers, it needs to deliver 4150 units per month in the remaining four months.

To reach this figure, Togg needs to achieve an average monthly delivery figure of 2023 units by the end of 4150. This figure seems in line with the company's current delivery performance.

Togg states that the delivery figures for 2023 meet expectations. The company aims to increase its production capacity and produce more vehicles by 2024.