Panda Cross x Multi Talented

Panda Cross 4 × 4 Multi Talented

Panda Cross 4×4, with its easy use in the city and its agile features, does not compromise its performance by displaying high capabilities with low fuel in difficult terrain conditions. Fiat Panda Cross 4×4 [...]

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Clio 2020 Goes On Sale

What is the price of the new Clio in Turkey and what are the engine and hardware features of the 2020 model Renault Clio? The highly anticipated Renault Clio will go on sale in Turkey in February 2020. What about the new Renault? [...]

Megane Sedan Deals

Megane Sedan January 2020 Prices

Renault Megane sedan January 2020 prices. Renault Megane Sedan has a distinctive, lively and elegant style with its body, dynamic lines and wide design. Digital speedometer, color Head Up Display [...]

hyundai bass designer was also awarded

Hyundai Chief Designer Also Awarded

Hyundai, which has not fallen off the agenda with its stylish designs in recent years, reinforces this success with the design awards it has received. The South Korean brand, which brought more than 20 design awards to its museum around the world last year, has finally become Europe's most prestigious brand. [...]

kia electric vehicle move

KIA Electric Vehicle Move

Aiming to maintain its strength in the automotive sector by developing its future activities, KIA; $2025 billion by 25 under the new 'Plan S strategy', which includes electric vehicles, mobile services, connectivity and autonomous driving [...]

domestic car will upgrade gear with butekom

BUTEKOM Develops Technology for Domestic Cars

Turkey's 60-year dream of the domestic automobile city which will take place in Bursa, has added a new one to its advanced technology-oriented work. Bursa Uludağ University Technical Sciences Vocational Director Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karahan, Bursa [...]

bmw motorradin latest models motobike in istanbul
German Car Brands

The Latest Models of BMW Motorrad Motobike in Istanbul

BMW Motorrad, of which Borusan Otomotiv is the Turkey distributor, is preparing to bring its newest models to motorcycle enthusiasts at Motobike Istanbul 20, which will be held between February 23 and 2020. Preparing to open the season with Motobike Istanbul, BMW Motorrad is the biggest winner of this year. [...]

fiat most prestigious car brand of the year

The Most Reputation Car Brand of the Year: Fiat!

Fiat was selected as the “Most Reputable Brand of the Year” in the Passenger Car Category of the 'The ONE Awards Integrated Marketing Awards' organized by Marketing Turkey. Fiat Marketing Director Özgür Süslü said, “2019 was a challenging year for the automotive industry. [...]

KIA Starts With Opportunities

KIA Starts 2020 with Opportunities

KIA, which will make a name for itself with the opportunities it offers in 2020, continues to implement interest rate campaigns in many models in January. 50-month installments and percentage for 18 thousand TL in the flagship model Sportage [...]

local car understands you, listens to you and learns you

Local Cars Listens to You Understands and Learns You

The domestic automobile is transformed into a new generation smart mobility device that listens to you, learns from you, integrates with you, and thus makes your life easier, with its smart driving and 'internet of things' feature. Turkey's Automobile Enterprise Group [...]