Tesla may add a performance option to its Pickup model


Cybertruck, Tesla's eagerly awaited electric pickup model, may appear with an even more fascinating version. Tesla CEO Elon Musk, a close friend zamIn a comment he made at the time, he said, "I used the performance-oriented Cybertruck model yesterday and frankly, the performance-oriented model makes a big difference compared to the standard version." This comment caused a huge stir among Tesla fans and is considered a strong sign that a performance version of the Cybertruck is being developed.

Production of Cybertruck

Production of the Tesla Cybertruck will begin in Texas at the end of this year. However, we may encounter limited production initially. Higher volume production will probably occur in 2024. This means the Cybertruck will be gracing our roads in the near future.

Cybertruck will bring a great innovation to the traditional pickup and pickup truck segments with its design. This vehicle, which will attract attention with its radical design and superior performance, seems to be a candidate to break new ground in the world of electric vehicles.

Tesla's Performance Tradition

Tesla continues its tradition of having performance-oriented versions in its model range. For example, there are Plaid versions for Model S and Model X, and Performance versions for Model 3 and Model Y. This tradition is expected to apply to Cybertruck as well.

Technical Specifications and Pricing

There is currently no official statement about the exact technical specifications and pricing of Cybertruck. However, there are some clues on Tesla's official website. These tips include:

  • Towing capacity up to 6.5 tonnes
  • Load carrying capacity up to 1587 kg
  • 804 km range
  • Ability to accelerate from 0 to 97 km/h in less than 2.9 seconds

These features enable the Cybertruck to stand out not only in terms of performance, but also zamIt shows that it will be an assertive model in terms of usability.


Tesla seems to be preparing to bring a new breath to the electric vehicle world with Cybertruck. The arrival of a performance version increases this excitement even more. However, we may still have to wait for exact technical details and pricing. Cybertruck seems to push the boundaries of electric vehicle technology and be a source of inspiration for future electric vehicles.