Tesla Cybertruck's First Owners to Be Tesla Employees


Electric car manufacturer Teslahas a design that is in complete opposition to the truck designs we know of last year. Tesla Cybertruck had introduced. The van, which divided people into two with its opposing design, aimed to be a tough competitor to classic pickup trucks such as the Ford F-150.

Tesla Cybertruck, which will offer the performance offered by many sports cars, even though it is a competitor to classic pickup trucks, will meet with us in two years. However, as in multiple models within Tesla, the first users of Tesla Cybertruck, Tesla employees it will be.

Of course, we are not saying that Tesla Cybertruck will be in the hands of employees first. This news since 2014 Of an employee taking office at Tesla It emerged as a result of his post on Twitter. Tesla employee said that Tesla Cybertruck will be given to employees first. is approved told.

Tesla employee said that Cybertruck will be used by employees, but he did not know when this will happen. According to Tesla's previous statements, Cybertruck, Late 2021 will begin to be produced. From 2022, the vehicle will have more configuration options.

Tesla previously used its direct employees for research and development studies before launching new models, such as the Tesla Model 3. In this way, the company both receives direct feedback from its own employees and goes to classical R&D studies. tons of money was saving.

Tesla had begun manufacturing the vehicle months ago when the Model 3 was being tested by its employees. With his patient, the situation can be experienced in Tesla Cybertruck, and Cybertruck also Early 2022 We can say that it will be given to employees. There is no guarantee that these natural dates will not change in the coming months.

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