Hyunda's new KONA electric model will be in Turkey soon!


Hyundai's New KONA Electric model will appear in the Turkish market in November, offering the largest living space in its class. This bold and dynamic car offers drivers not only an electric vehicle experience, but also zamIt promises to offer a wide range of comfort in daily use. In this article, we will examine in depth the features of New KONA Electric and the innovations it brings.


At First Glance: Innovative Design

The new KONA Electric has a larger, bolder and more dynamic design than its previous generation. This car offers a different typology from conventional cars and differs from its siblings in both its exterior and interior design. Drawing attention with its iconic design, KONA Electric manages to impress you at first glance.

Eco-Friendly Driving

The new KONA offers an environmentally friendly driving experience. Hyundai developed this model in the light of the latest technology and offers its electric version in gasoline and gasoline hybrid versions in the same body type. Beyond offering users an environmentally friendly option, this gives them the chance to appeal to different preferences.


Powerful Engine Options

Hyundai offers two different engine options in the New KONA Electric to suit the needs of users. The long-range version with a 65,4 kWh battery offers a maximum power of 218 PS (160 kW) and a driving range of over 514 kilometers. The standard version has a battery capacity of 48,4 kWh and offers a driving range of 156 kilometers with 111 PS (377 kW) power.

Fast Charging Opportunity

New KONA Electric draws attention with its fast charging feature. With 100 kW DC fast charging, this vehicle can charge from 41 percent to 10 percent in just 80 minutes. Additionally, the standard range version with a 48,4 kWh battery can be fully charged in 11 hours 4 minutes with 55 kW AC charging, while the long-range version can be fully charged in 6 hours 55 minutes.


Meeting in Turkey Zamsudden

Hyundai KONA Electric will officially enter the Turkish market in November. This will contribute to the spread of electric cars in Turkey and offer drivers an environmentally friendly driving experience.