A clue about the hybrid version of Ford Ranger was shared

ford ranger

Ford's popular pickup model Ranger is getting an electric version. The company released an exciting video for the model it will introduce on September 19.

Ford Ranger Hybrid What Zammoment to be introduced?

Ford has started the countdown for the electric-assisted version of Ranger, which pickup lovers have been eagerly awaiting. The company announced with a short video shared on its social media accounts that the hybrid version of the Ranger will be officially introduced on September 19.

In the video, the “Ford” logo on the front grille of the Ranger flashes and is accompanied by a sound effect resembling the sound of an electric motor saying, “Why compromise when you can get the best of both worlds?” It seems that the question has been asked. This question indicates that Ranger will be a plug-in hybrid.

What Performance Will Ford Ranger Hybrid Offer?

There is no official information yet about the hybrid version of the Ford Ranger, but some past news claimed that the model will use a 2.3-liter four-cylinder EcoBoost engine with a combination of electric motor and battery. Although the total power and pure electric driving range of this combination are unknown, it is expected to be equipped with a four-wheel drive system.

Hybrid version of Ford Ranger not only for European and Australian markets zamIt can now also be produced for the North American market. In this way, it will be possible for Ford to increase its competitiveness in the electric pickup market.

Ford Ranger Hybrid What ZamThe moment it will be on sale?

What is the hybrid version of Ford Ranger? zamThere is no clear information yet about whether it will go on sale, but the model is planned to be released in 2024. The price of the model has not been announced yet, but it is likely to be higher than the gasoline and diesel versions.

The launch event to be held on September 19 is of great importance for those who are curious about the hybrid version of Ford Ranger. Ford is expected to share all the details about this model and satisfy the curiosity.