My Kaskom Offers Vehicle Owners the Opportunity to Create Their Own Insurance

My Kaskom offers vehicle owners the opportunity to create their own insurance.
My Kaskom offers vehicle owners the opportunity to create their own insurance.

“My Kaskom”, which can be customized according to every budget and need with its flexible coverage packages, promises vehicle owners to create their own insurance and a brand new insurance experience. With its deep-rooted history of more than 150 years, Generali Sigorta's motor insurance product, Benim Kaskom, promises a fast, effortless and brand new insurance experience, as well as the opportunity to create a personal motor insurance policy for every budget with the "Set Your Price" option. “My Kaskom” product, which offers the opportunity to issue policies for automobiles and pickup trucks; With its modular structure, it allows the vehicle owner to create their own insurance coverage packages, while eliminating the obligation to pay extra premiums for coverages that are not needed.

Online access to policy and claims tracking

My Kaskom offers customized coverage packages for each customer by evaluating the vehicle age and policy ownership information of the insured. Vehicle owners, by using the Generali Account developed by Generali Sigorta, on the web or mobile; You can view and download all your policies and get detailed information about the latest status of your policies. He can see which policy is in effect, expired or frozen. While you will have the opportunity to easily follow the policies that are about to be renewed and learn about the renewal offer; It can also be easily contacted for different insurance products such as motor insurance, compulsory earthquake insurance and travel health insurance.

Different coverage packages meet under one roof

My Kaskom product; In addition to the "Basic Protection Package" that provides basic protection and road assistance services against high-probability damage risks, "Theft and Key Package", "Natural Disaster and Terrorist Package", Mini Repair service, vehicle maintenance and spare parts, which ensure the elimination of minor damages without impairing damage. It includes coverage packages such as the “Replacement Vehicle and Vehicle Maintenance Package” covering vehicle services, the “Personal and Legal Protection Package” that provides extended assurance to the owner/driver including Personal Accident, and the “Accessory Package” that guarantees the accessories added later in the vehicle. In addition, the insured can benefit from discounts by choosing contracted service and exemption packages.

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