What are the Causes of Ingrown Nails?

Dermatology Specialist Dr. Ayfer Aydın gave information about the subject. The first place where patients with ingrown toenails apply for the treatment of ingrown toenails are usually hairdressers and foot care centers. Hairdresser with ingrown nails [...]


Exercise Prevents Bladder Prolapse

After giving birth, women's exercises that strengthen their pelvic muscles prevent bladder sagging. Anadolu Health Center Urology Specialist, who stated that the majority of the masses that protrude from the vagina and are palpable are bladder prolapse. [...]

Otokar won the giant bus tender in Amman

Otokar Wins Amman's Giant Bus Tender

Turkey's leading bus manufacturer, Otokar, does not slow down in exports. Offering high-level comfort in public transportation to millions of passengers in more than 50 countries with its modern buses, Otokar won the giant bus tender in Jordan. Otokar, Jordan [...]


Unknown Benefits of Eggplant Stalk

The benefits of eggplant are known, but do you know the benefits of eggplant stalk? Dr.Fevzi Özgönül gives information about the benefits of the eggplant stalk. He also offers a great recipe information. Benefits of Eggplant Stalk by Many [...]