Hearing Loss Can Cause Dementia

Yeni Yüzyıl University Gaziosmanpaşa Hospital, Department of Ear Nose and Throat, Assoc. Dr. Aldülkadir Özgür made statements on the subject of 'Hearing loss is the cause of dementia'. one of the five basic senses we have [...]


10 Foods That Protect From Diseases!

Emphasizing the importance of adequate and balanced nutrition in terms of health in the autumn season, Dr. Fevzi Özgönül stated that weight control, which is generally started to be paid attention in the summer months, has left its place to negligence in these months. Many [...]

Diamond Bracelet Design
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Diamond Bracelet Designs

Suitable for daily life but the same zamIf you are looking for an accessory that stands out at the moment, the diamond bracelet is for you. It shows itself on your wrist in every environment and manages to reflect your style. If you wish, for the usage area [...]

Dagi Swimwear Models
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Mark the Summer with Swimwear Models

The new trend swimwear models, which mark the summer every summer, can be the center of attention of many women. The showcases, which are decorated with beautiful colors and designs, become quite remarkable. On the beaches in summer [...]

the capital hosted the drift and automobile festival

Capital Hosted Drift and Automobile Festival

Organized for the third time this year with the cooperation of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Yenimahalle Municipality and Yer6Fest Entrepreneurs, Turkey's largest "Drift and Automobile Festival" will bring unforgettable moments to automobile lovers in the Capital city. [...]


Parents Attention! 3T Monster Captures Children

Studies show that the pandemic increases screen addiction in children and leads to attention deficit. Yükselen Zeka Publishing House stated that parents who succumbed to the 3T (phone, tablet and television) monster played a major role in this increase. [...]

local master solution for electric vehicles

Domestic Master Solution for Electric Vehicles

Salih Kükrek and Evren Emre, who created the SANLAB brand with the aim of becoming the laboratory of the industry by combining the words 'industry' and 'laboratory', set out with the aim of breaking the perception that 'technology cannot be produced in Turkey'. The last project of the entrepreneurs is electric. [...]


Tips for Healthy Hair

The first step to having healthy hair is regular and adequate nutrition, quality sleep and stress control. One of the experts of, Uzm. Dr. Belma Türsen shares her tips for achieving healthy and shiny hair. Healthy, [...]