Tips for Preserving Beauty in Winter

Emphasizing the importance of regular and correct care by using natural materials during the winter months when our skin needs support the most, Assoc. İbrahim Aşkar said, “It is good to have blackheads and oily skin in winter. [...]

Mercedes-Benz Republic Rally Begins
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Mercedes-Benz Republic Rally Begins

After the Spring Rally and the Western Anatolia Rally organized in Bodrum, the Classic Car Club will organize the Mercedes-Benz Republic Rally between 29-31 October under the main sponsorship of Mercedes-Benz. Ciragan Palace on Friday, 29 October 2021 [...]


5 Misconceptions About Stroke

While 'stroke', known as 'paralysis' in the society, is the third cause of death in our country as well as in the world, it rises to the first rank among the diseases that cause disability. death in stroke patients and [...]

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Going to Buy a Car

You have agreed with the owner of the car or the car dealership to buy the car you found on the internet and you want to see it. . However, the vehicle you will buy is in another city, and moreover, it is a distant city. [...]