domestic car togg underwent a change before it was released

Domestic Car TOGG Changed Before It Was Released

A new visual has come from the domestic car TOGG, which is expected to be released at the end of 2022. It was shared that TOGG's aerodynamic and aeroacoustic tests were carried out today. Turkey's Car TOGG, which will be removed from the band at the end of 2022, has been around for a while. [...]


Five Exercises to Burn Summer Fat

Summer is over, don't be fit anymore zammoment… In order to reduce the fat around the waist, good exercise is required. MACFit Fulya Trainer Çağla Anter said that the best place to melt these fats is in the gym. [...]


8 Tips to Prevent Skin Aging

Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon Associate Professor İbrahim Aşkar gave important information about the subject. If signs of aging are detected on the skin, it is possible to control these signs with various methods. Relief of symptoms aging skin care [...]


Breast Loss in Breast Cancer Becomes History!

General Surgery and Surgical Oncology Specialist Prof. Dr. Sıtkı Gürkan Yetkin gave important information about the subject. One of the cancers that responds best to treatment is breast cancer. Various treatments according to the stage of cancer [...]