Karsan Oibnin received the Gold Export Award

Karsan Received OIB's 2020 Gold Export Award!

Offering modern transportation solutions to cities with its public transportation systems, Karsan was deemed worthy of an award for its contributions to the exports of the Turkish automotive industry. Uludag Automotive Industry Exporters' Association (OIB), the automotive industry's export champion in 2020 [...]

intercity cup races leg is over

The 3rd Leg of the Intercity Cup Races Has Ended

The third leg of the 2021 Intercity Cup races held at Intercity Istanbul Park, one of the most prestigious race tracks in the world, was completed today. The races were divided into 3 as Intercity Platinum Cup, Intercity Gold Cup and Intercity Silver Cup. [...]

hour bike race is now in turkey

24 Hour Cycling Race is Now in Turkey

Türk Telekom became the name and main sponsor of the Istanbul 24 Hours Boostrace bicycle race, which will be a first in Turkey. It will be held for the first time in Turkey and will last for 24 hours, attracting great attention in the world. [...]

What are the processes for scrapping the vehicle?

What are Vehicle Scrapping Procedures?

There are nearly 25 million vehicles in our country. Most of the vehicles registered to this traffic are those 20 years old and over, which we call old. The maintenance and taxes of these vehicles are high. Besides, in traffic [...]

totalenergies and uber join forces

TotalEnergies and Uber Join Forces

TotalEnergies is partnering with Uber to support the transition to electric vehicles and easier access to charging stations. Initially, the partnership with France is planned to expand to other European countries. TotalEnergies is currently [...]