Give way to life campaign started across turkey

Give Way to Life Campaign Launched Across Turkey

Turkey, which is one of the two countries that achieved the 2011% target in terms of loss of life due to traffic accidents in the eyes of the United Nations in the period of 2020-50, aims to reduce the number of deaths due to traffic accidents by 2021% between the years 2030-50 and by 2050. [...]

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Youtube to mp3

For YouTube to mp3 converter, we used to have to install programs on our computers. There is no such need anymore. All you have to do is enter on-line youtube mp3 converter sites! Link of the YouTube video you want to download [...]

senior assignment at mercedes benz turk
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Senior Appointment at Mercedes-Benz Turk

An important appointment is taking place in the Mercedes-Benz Turk management team. Tolga Bilgisu, who has been working as Mercedes-Benz Türk Bus Sales Operations Group Manager since 2019, has been working on Customer Services as of August 1, 2021. [...]

Brake Pad Manufacturing
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Tips for Brake Pads Manufacturing

Brake noise problems in vehicles give the signal of pad problems. You can understand that the sounds, especially in the form of loud squeaking, clicking and squeaking, are caused by a problem with the brake. With the manufacture of quality brake pads [...]


Ukrainian Navy Received First Bayraktar TB2!

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine announced that the Ukrainian Navy received the first Bayraktar TB2 unmanned aerial vehicle. The Ukrainian Defense Express body developed the development “our fleet is now available to monitor Neptune's surface condition and guided missiles. [...]