You Can Get Rid of Your Back and Knee Pain with an Anti-Inflammatory Diet!


Expert Dietitian Tamar Demirçi gave important information about the subject. The prevalence of obesity has increased due to the difficult process we have been through, changes in eating style and increased inactivity. This situation brought with it many complaints. One of the most common complaints we encounter is the increase in pain caused by osteoarthritis, which is caused by obesity, in the waist and back region. It is possible to reduce these pains with an anti-inflammatory diet and weight loss.

With the general principles of anti-inflammatory diet; It aims to minimize the consumption of processed and fast food by directing the consumption of various and different types of fresh foods and abundant fruit and vegetables.

In this type of nutrition;

- According to the nutritional history, age, gender, socioeconomic status of the person, a completely personal and appropriate nutrition plan should be prepared in the presence of a specialist dietitian.

-Except potatoes and onions, plenty of vegetables and fruits should be consumed.

-Containing Omega-3; olive oil, flax seeds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, salmon, mackerel should be included in the diet plan.

Refined carbohydrates such as white bread and rice, other refined grains, table sugar and sugar-containing products such as pastries, cookies, cakes, energy bars should never be consumed.

Lean protein sources such as chicken and fish should be included in nutrition programs.

- Red meat, eggs, fatty milk and yoghurt should be consumed in a limited way.

Attention should be paid to the consumption of anti-inflammatory spices such as ginger, curry, turmeric and rosemary.

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