hyundai bayon and interior production started

Hyundai BAYON and i20 N Production Started

Hyundai Assan has added a third product to its i10 and i20 models manufactured in Izmit, Turkey. Positioned in the B-SUV segment, the third model BAYON is the brand's newest representative in the SUV world. 230.000 maximum per year [...]


Unknown Benefits of Summer Fruits

Specialist Dietitian Tamar Demirçi gave important information on the subject. With the arrival of summer, colorful fruits began to take their place on the counters. Of course, the fruit of every season is beautiful, but summer fruits have a special place. Vitamin [...]


How Long Does Hair Transplant Take?

Although there is no definite answer to the question of how long hair transplantation will take, it can be estimated more or less. Hair loss will affect the number of roots that the person will plant, the duration of the operation, and this period will perform the operation. [...]


Jaw Surgery Prices

The chin area is one of the most important functionally functioning areas of the human body. While being aesthetically important, it plays an active role in vital functions such as nutrition, speech and respiration. [...]