renault megane e tech electric model will hit the roads this summer

Renault Megane E-Tech Electric Model Will Hit the Roads This Summer

Renault engineers will hit the road this summer with 30 pre-production Megane E-Tech Electric models. Megane eVision, which was shown at Renault eWays events, which is an important milestone on the road to zero emissions, is Renault's first for electric vehicles in the C segment. [...]

special discount opportunities from opel to june
German Car Brands

Opel Offers Special Discounts for June

Opel offers credit opportunities with favorable payment terms and cash purchase discounts in June. In this context, the zero-interest loan campaign offered for Opel's SUV family provides an advantage to users who want to own a new SUV. Modern [...]

Puff points in car care in summer

Tips for Car Care in Summer

It is in your hands to extend the life of your vehicle with some tricks about both regular maintenance and driving! One of the most important conditions for continuing the road with your vehicle satisfied is to have the vehicle serviced regularly. Long neglected maintenance [...]

conversion to alternative fuels in automotive has begun

Transformation to Alternative Fuels in Automotive Has Begun

Although we do not feel it due to the situation we are in in Turkey, the transformation to alternative fuels has begun in the member states of the European Union. The sales figures of electric and hybrid vehicles, the incentives applied for the conversion of old vehicles to LPG and the increasing application area of ​​diesel [...]

new bigster concept opens new horizons for dacia brand

New Bigster Concept Opens New Horizons for the Dacia Brand

As part of the Renault Group's Renaulution strategy, Dacia has announced its 5-year plan. The brand, which has increased its efficiency and competitiveness with the creation of the Dacia-Lada business unit, will also go up in the product side. The introduction of the Bigster Concept opens up new horizons for Dacia in the C segment. Dacia and [...]

dynamic and modern new dacia sandero and sandero stepway

Dynamic and Modern New Dacia Sandero and Sandero Stepway

The third generation Dacia Sandero and Sandero Stepway, which have been completely renewed with dynamic design, modern equipment level and increased quality perception, are on their way to Turkey. Models produced on the CMF-B platform of the Renault Group include X-Tronic transmission, blind spot warning system, wireless [...]