Turkey Is One Of The 3 Players In The World In This Technology

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, during his visit to Nurol Teknoloji, which has made Turkey's name among the few countries in the world in this field with the boron carbide ceramics it produces, said, “The export value of boron carbide ceramics is 90 dollars per kilogram, a huge added value. Being one of the 3 players in the world in this technology makes our country's position strategic.” said.

Minister Varank visited Nurol Teknoloji, which develops advanced ballistic armor products. During his visit, Minister Varank, who received information about the studies and future plans from General Manager Selim Baybaş and Deputy General Manager Serpil Gönenç, examined the ballistic solutions for platform and personnel protection with advanced technical ceramics produced by the company.

Varank, who toured the company's ceramic production lines, participated in the protection test of the ballistic armor developed within the scope of the "Land Vehicle Protection Armor" project against 15 millimeter anti-aircraft ammunition from a distance of 14,5 meters. Later on, Varank tested the plate developed for personal protective armor by firing himself with 9 millimeter ammunition at the shooting range.

Making statements after the visit, Varank stated that the company produces composite and ceramic materials for defense purposes. Stating that the company develops alumina, silicon, carbide and boron carbide ceramics, Varank explained that these plates for personnel protection are exported to Italy. Stating that the developed plate protects the armored vehicle despite firing from a very close range, Varank said in his statement:


These materials are lighter and provide more protection than armor steel. It is used to protect both personnel and armored vehicles and aircraft. The most important feature of the company is that it is one of the 3 manufacturers in the world in boron carbide ceramics. Nurol Technology has developed and produced this technology, which is only available in the USA and Israel, locally and nationally in our country.


The company's products are used in aircraft as well as military armored vehicles used in Turkey. These vehicles are highly sensitive and need to be protected very well. The safety of your personnel is one of the most important factors. The protective vest you produce needs to provide 100 percent protection, you have no chance to accept any risk. Therefore, the products produced here are products that provide 100 percent protection, are tested, and are accepted to be fired once on a world-class protection plate, but still provide protection when fired 1-2 times. In this sense, we can say that Nurol Teknoloji produces the highest quality products.


Turkey is actually a boron country, but we export this mineral raw to China. There it is made into boron carbide and then sold to our country. Currently, our Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources has an investment in Balıkesir. In 2022, we will be able to produce our own boron carbide in our country. In this sense, it is pleasing for us that we can end our dependence on foreign sources.


As Turkey, we want to grow our economy by producing high-tech and value-added products. Turkey's export value per kilogram is at the level of 1,5 dollars. The export value of boron carbide ceramics per kilogram is 90 dollars. This is a huge added value. Being one of the 3 players in the world in this technology, of course, makes our country's position strategic. We will continue to work with our friends in the next period. We will continue to develop our country with the production and export of high value-added products.


Nurol Teknoloji meets most of the needs of Turkey's security forces. The company also exports. Nurol Teknoloji makes sales to 10 countries, including countries such as friendly and brotherly country Pakistan, which are among the major players in the defense industry such as Italy and the USA.

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