Women Working at TOTAL Strengthens with TWICE Turkey

Totally working women get stronger with twice turkey
Totally working women get stronger with twice turkey

Total Turkey Pazarlama creates awareness with the efforts it carries out to strengthen the professional and personal lives of women. Supporting the goals of the TOTAL group to increase the ratio of women executives and the number of women in the management committee, Total Turkey Pazarlama became the 2006th local network of TOTAL Women's Initiative for Communication and Exchange (TWICE) established in 50 in this context. Increasing the female manager ratio

With more than 45 members in 4 countries, TWICE aims to promote gender equality across TOTAL and at all levels. The network, which is the communication and information exchange platform of women working at TOTAL, includes more than 600 mentors and clients. TWIC Turkey's local committee consisting of nine women who stand at the Total Marketing Turkey's event will include men and women to support this approach.

Total Turkey Marketing TWICE Turkey Committee Chairman Nazlı Düşmez stated that they are happy to be a part of the TWICE network that serves the diversity policy of the TOTAL group. Dusmez said, “The vision of TWICE Turkey is to create a working environment where diversity and differences are approached without prejudice and at an equal distance by ensuring that men and women have the same rights in every platform. The network contributes to the professional development of women who are part of the TWICE network at every stage of their career, helping them define and achieve their professional goals. Open to all male employees of TOTAL, regardless of role or job level, the network believes that men too can make a real difference through their commitment to promoting gender equality. We will raise awareness through activities such as personal development, leadership, innovation and information sharing, organization, conferences, movie screenings, meetings and working groups. "We will encourage women to gain self-confidence by sharing their experiences," he said.

TWICE's President, Nathalie Brunelle, said, “TWICE's aim is to help women at TOTAL advance in their careers. "It's part of our DNA to give women the opportunity to network, discuss issues of diversity and mutually support each other," he said.

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