baidu begins driverless taxi service with apollo go

Baidu Starts Driverless Taxi Service with Apollo Go

Baidu will be the first company in China to offer its passengers its autonomous taxi service for money. Baidu, the country's largest artificial intelligence firm, has confirmed that it will operate in this field from officials in Cangzhou city of northern China province Hebei. [...]


Attention to the Use of Antibiotics in Dentistry!

Antibiotics are a very important group of drugs that can save lives in some cases when used correctly. The presence of bacteria that become resistant to antibiotics after continuous antibiotic use may cause antibiotics to not work in the future. used in dentistry [...]


Attention to Heart Diseases After Coronavirus!

Ankara Private 19. Yıl Hospital Radiology Specialist Dr. Emphasizing the need for patients who have been diagnosed with Covid-100 disease and have been treated and then feel pain in their chest, have a CT-guided heart scan. Alper Bozkurt; “Covid-19 disease [...]

Tofas Turk Pauses Production

Tofaş Türk Pauses Production

Tofaş Türk Automobile Factory Inc. will take a break from production for 2 weeks. In the statement made to the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP), it was said: "Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has affected the whole world since last year, the automotive industry [...]


Chronic Insomnia Doubles the Risk of Depression

Experts, who stated that chronic insomnia, which affects the quality of life of the person, can lead to situations such as restlessness, easy anger and decreased tolerance level, said that people with insomnia develop depression twice as much as those without sleep problems. [...]


10 Nutrients Effective Against Burnout

While the Covid pandemic, which the world and our country have been trying to fight for the last year, triggers anxiety and anxiety, it also causes a feeling of exhaustion and intense burnout. However, our immunity against Covid-19 infection is strong. [...]