New Ford Transit Van and 5-ton truck in Turkey

tons of new ford transit van and truck turkiyede
tons of new ford transit van and truck turkiyede

Turkey's and Europe's leading commercial vehicle Ford, giving direction to the sector and Turkey's most preferred commercial vehicle model Transit's 5.000 kgzami introduced van and van versions with loaded weight *.

Standing out as the Transit with the highest carrying capacity ever produced by Ford, the new 5-ton Transit vehicles draw attention with variants containing various features such as more advanced suspension, powertrain and brakes.

Ford introduced new 5-ton 'van' and 'pickup truck' versions of the popular member of the commercial vehicle family, Transit, which offer more loading capacity.

Designed according to the harsh and practical conditions of commercial life, the new van and van versions of Transit bring durability, performance and fuel efficiency to the highest level with Ford's 170 PS 2.0 liter EcoBlue diesel engine, which complies with heavy commercial emission (HDT) norms. In addition, for fleet solutions, it can also be preferred with the option of class-leading 10-speed automatic transmission.

The 300 kg additional carrying capacity makes life easier for heavy commercial vehicle operators, especially in areas such as municipal services and construction.

Different body options for different needs: 'Van' and 'van' versions

Ford responds to the needs of customers looking for commercial vehicles with higher carrying capacity with the new versions of Transit.

The van version of the 5-ton Transit is offered as Ford's iconic high-roof “Jumbo” van version, with a maximum net load carrying capacity of up to 2.422 kg, 15,1 m3 load volume and enough load space to carry five Euro pallets. The reinforced side body supports durability when carrying heavier loads; The flat loading area transferred from the current model to the new version provides a loading length of 4.217 mm, with tie-down points and a step integrated into the rear bumper. This makes it easy to load and transport standard length products such as pipes or panels.

Ford's 5-ton Transit Truck, on the other hand, allows customers to choose the ones that best suit their needs, such as three wheelbases, four chassis lengths, or a double cabin with up to seven seats including the driver. The 'double cab' version of the 5-ton Transit truck has a maximum load carrying capacity of up to 2.690 kg, without a box. The 'single cabin' version is offered as an option within the fleet solutions. The transit van is also an ideal option for open body conversions such as tipper, side loading, top access or vehicle carriers.

Stronger mechanical systems for heavy work

Ford's most capable Transit versions to date also feature significant mechanical innovations. All 5-ton Transit versions offer optimum durability, performance and fuel efficiency, as they are equipped with Ford's Euro 6 powertrain, as well as optimum handling when fully loaded with rear-wheel drive. The 170 PS 2.0 liter EcoBlue diesel engine produces up to 390 Nm of torque, making it easier to carry the heaviest loads. 'Electric Power Steering' is offered as standard equipment in all 5-ton Transits. The new 5-ton Transit vehicles can also be chosen with a six-speed manual gearbox or optionally with Ford's class-leading 10-speed automatic transmission for fleet solutions.

The increased load carrying capacity of the 5-ton Transit has ease of maintenance and operation, which makes the developed mechanical features more capable. The chassis with more advanced hub assemblies, wheels and wider 205mm rear tires as well as improved brakes on the rear axle make it easy to transport heavy loads. Vans also make use of reinforced upper body structures and other equipment to support heavier cargo.

In addition to all these, the soundness of Transit models sold in North America, with proven durability and 3.500 kg capacity rear axle, the new 5-ton Transit'l coming to Turkey for the first time.

Driving comfort is indispensable

The new 5-ton Transit vehicles include interior design features, advanced safety and driver assistance technologies added to the Transit family in late 2019. These include Ford's SYNC 3 communication and entertainment system and Electronically Controlled Steering, which enables technologies such as Lane Keeping System, Lane Keeping and Lane Alignment Assist.

The 5-ton Transit van is waiting for customers at Authorized Dealers at Ford Authorized Dealers with recommended turnkey prices starting from 286.900 TL and the 5-ton Transit van version starting from 313.600 TL.

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