TAI Nationalized Another Product in Defense Industry

Turkish Aerospace Industry (TAI) continues to develop new products with its pioneering vision in the defense and aviation ecosystem.

With the newly developed software by TAI engineers, it is now possible to realize the visual and logical designs of aircraft cockpit systems with local and national source codes. Thanks to the software called IMODE, it will provide the opportunity to create graphical and logical models of cockpit display systems and algorithms under the same roof through visual elements, to perform simulations of these models and to produce their codes. TUSAŞ, which has signed numerous projects in the field of aviation in order to reduce foreign dependency in the defense industry, aims to develop the software design and development tools used as imported with its own means, to add project-specific requirements and to reduce costs.

TAI is an important part of the defense industry ecosystem, R & D activities will provide added value to Turkey under previously in imported products and software frontiers to develop with local and national resources continues to resolutely work. Thanks to the software called "IMODE" developed by TAI's talented engineers after more than 2 years of effort, it is aimed to replace model-based software development tools widely used in the defense industry, especially in aviation and space.

The software used on the screens that were conceptually determined during the design phase of HURJET, the first trials of which will be Turkey's jet training and light attack aircraft, zamIt is aimed to be used in helicopter and other aircraft projects, especially the National Combat Aircraft developed by TAI.

About Turkish Aerospace Industry

Turkish Aerospace Industries, fixed and rotary wing air platforms from unmanned aerial vehicles and space systems up to integrate aviation and design of aerospace systems, development, modernization, manufacturing, integration and life cycle support of Turkey's technology center; It is among the global players in the aviation, space and defense industries.

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