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Facebook Video Downloader Online

You can download Facebook videos to your computer or mobile phone without installing a program and from websites. We have listed these tools and programs for you. You can download Facebook videos for free with these tools. Below [...]

kia-women-gifts-to-her customers-pink-ball

KIA Gifts Pink Balls to Female Customers

KIA continues its support for the 'Pink Ball on the Field' Project, which is carried out in cooperation with Anadolu Medical Center and Anadolu Efes Sports Club to raise awareness of early diagnosis in breast cancer. KIA is in the seventh year of the project. [...]


Who is Henry Ford?

Henry Martin Ford (born July 30, 1863 - died April 7, 1947) was the founder of the automobile manufacturer Ford Motor Company. Ransom Eli Olds' own car company called Oldsmobile in 1902 simple [...]