ASELSAN Does Not Decelerate in R&D

Continuing to be the clear leader in the number of R&D projects, ASELSAN ranked first in the list with 620 projects. In terms of R&D employees, ASELSAN has 2019 thousand 4 personnel as of the end of 583. [...]


The First Domestic Electric Bicycle Battery from Vestel

Vestel, one of Turkey's leading technology manufacturers, started the production of the first domestic electric bicycle battery. The batteries, whose hardware, software, mechanical designs, production and test infrastructure are entirely produced by Vestel engineers, ensure their reliability, longevity and reliability. [...]

Autonomous Vehicles

Unscheduled Video Download

It means Unprogrammed Video Downloading: It is possible to convert the files on YouTube, Facebook and Metacafe sites to “.mp3″ or “.mp4″ format for free without downloading any program to your computer and installing any application on your mobile phone. [...]


Who is Archimedes?

Archimedes (c. 287 BC, Syracuse – c. 212 BC Syracuse), Ancient Greek mathematician, physicist, astronomer, philosopher and engineer. He is considered the first and greatest scientist of the ancient world. Hydrostatic [...]