TAI Will Bring 500 Million Dollars to Turkey With Its Indigenization Works


Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ) continues its efforts to bring unique air platforms to the national aviation ecosystem with a high locality rate. TAI continues its efforts to localize more than 250 aircraft components with around 600 local and national companies. Thus, when the works are completed, a total of 500 Million US Dollars of foreign supply will be prevented in the coming years. At the first stage, nearly 100 components will be localized by the end of this year.

TAI contributes to the development of the auxiliary industry at all stages from production processes to tests of the final product, as well as R&D activities in engineering and technical subjects for high-tech products. Continuing to develop critical parts of the air platform as well as structural components by its own engineers, TAI also supports the development of the domestic auxiliary industry in many stages, from raw materials to the production of the needed part.

In this context, TUSAŞ, GÖKBEY, HÜRJET, HÜRKUŞ, MMU, carrying out studies in the field of subsystems, equipment and materials, in their original and national projects such as Heavy Class Attack Helicopter, ANKA, AKSUNGUR, T129 ATAK and T70 Utility Helicopter, from hydraulic systems to power systems, fire It carries out a wide range of localization activities from extinguishing systems to fuel tanks, from landing gear to air conditioning systems and lighting units. Thus, it aims to develop the Turkish aviation ecosystem in a fully independent manner. By the end of 2021, the localization stages of nearly 100 components for original air platforms will be completed.

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