Volkswagen Crafter's New Model Launched

Volkswagen Crafter's New Model Launched

The powerful representative of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in the CD segment, the Crafter model family has expanded with the Long Chassis (LWB) version of the School and Service models. Panel Van, Extra Long Chassis (ELWB) School and Bus versions on sale [...]


Kovid-19 Inspection for Food Businesses

Inspection teams affiliated to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry carried out inspections for food businesses within the scope of new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) measures in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Gaziantep. Istanbul Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry Ahmet [...]


ASELSAN Completes Deliveries of ADOP-2000 Project

Deliveries of ADOP-2000, the systems system created by combining systems from ASELSAN's fire support product family, continue. Within the scope of the second dissemination contract of the ADOP-2000 (Fire Support Automation System-2000) project, the first one was completed in July. [...]

Autonomous Vehicles

Trendyol Active Discount Coupons

Trendyol is a popular online shopping site that started to serve shopping lovers in Turkey in 2010 and has managed to attract attention with its many different features. This online shopping platform, [...]


TCDD Transportation Deputy Machinist Assignment List

The appointment list of the candidates who applied to the General Directorate of TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş for the position of contracted mechanic (assistant machinist) and succeeded by taking the written and oral / applied exam was published. 1 50650 Assistant Machinist Abdullah BÜYÜKSINDIR [...]


What is Tekatü? Hilal Tekatü History

"Tekatü", which means cut or intersection in Ottoman, is a railway junction in the world only in England, America, India and Izmir. “Diamond Crossing” in the literature due to the shape originating from the intersection of two railway lines. [...]