2021 Model Mercedes-Benz S Series That Feature Comes

Mercedes Benz, one of the first companies in the automobile industry, will feature a 12.8-inch LG OLED display on the S-series.

With the advancement of technology and more and more popularity, OLED screens continue to spread more and more without slowing down.


Technology reaching smartphones and televisions is now coming to cars. Mercedes Benz, the cutting-edge German technology giant, will feature LG's 2021-inch OLED display in its vehicles with the 12.8 model S series.

Model Mercedes Benz S

Mercedes Benz will equip its vehicles with OLED displays with its new S series; All vehicles will come with an OLED screen as standard.

The OLED screen required for Mercedes-Benz, S-series cars will be provided by LG's subsidiary LG Display. The two companies have been in contact with each other since 2016.

Within the Mercedes-Benz '2018 models, OLED taillights can be supplied by LG Display as an option.

What is the OLED Screen?

Organic Light Emitting Diodes are a different version of LED technology with the Turkish expansion of the name OLED, which is an LCD display technology with LED.

The feature that distinguishes OLED from other display technologies in general is the formation of light thanks to the electricity passing through the semiconductors, and the light displays through the holes in the emitter plate located in the lower layer of the screen. The technology was first produced by Kodak.

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