hybrid record from toyota in europe

Hybrid Record from Toyota in Europe

Toyota broke another remarkable record in the hybrid technology it pioneered. Toyota has left another important milestone behind by delivering its 3 millionth hybrid vehicle in Europe. New owner in Spain [...]


70% of Citizens Will Meet the Speed ​​Train Comfort in 2023

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu, Ankara-Sivas High Speed ​​Train (YHT) line examined the Yerköy construction site. Karaismailoğlu, who examined the line by helicopter, later received information from the authorities at the Yerköy construction site. Statement to journalists here [...]


Yıldırım-4 Munzur-Box Operation Started in Tunceli

The Tunceli Provincial Gendarmerie Command launched the "YILDIRIM-4 MUNZUR-KUTU" Operation in order to completely remove the separatist terrorist organization from the country's agenda and neutralize the terrorists who are considered to be sheltering in the region. Tunceli Provincial Gendarmerie in the operation in question [...]


T129 Attack Helicopter in Nakhichevan for Exercise

A group of soldiers and aircraft from the Turkish Armed Forces in Nakhchivan for the exercise, in a statement made by the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan, within the scope of the Agreement on Military Cooperation between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Turkey, the joint large-scale [...]


Full Support to People's Cord Nostalgic Tram Project

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality held a public meeting on the nostalgic tram, which is planned to run in the First Kordon. Listening to the details of the project, residents of the region gave full support to the wheeled tram. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is one of the nostalgic symbols of the city. [...]


About Uludağ

Uludag is a mountain within the borders of Bursa province, with an altitude of 2.543 m, which is Turkey's largest winter and nature sports center. Uludag; It is the highest mountain of the Marmara Region. The length of Uludağ extending in the northwest-southeast direction [...]


About Emir Sultan Mosque

Emir Sultan Mosque was built in Bursa by Hundi Fatma Hatun, daughter of Yıldırım Bayezid, in the name of her husband Emir Sultan, probably during the reign of Çelebi Sultan Mehmed (1366 – 1429). Bursa's most important architecture [...]


About Bursa Grand Mosque

Bursa Ulu Mosque is a religious structure built by Bayezid I between 1396-1400 in Bursa. The mosque, which is one of the historical symbols of Bursa, is in the city center of Bursa, on Atatürk Street. The most classic of the multi-legged mosque scheme [...]


About Tophane Clock Tower

Tophane Clock Tower in Bursa, the Ottoman Sultan II. The historical clock tower, which is rumored to have been built in honor of the 29th anniversary of Abdülhamit's accession to the throne. It is an important monumental work reflecting the Ottoman period architecture. Tophane Park [...]


Who is in the Green Tomb? By Whom?

The Green Tomb was built in 1421 by Sultan Mehmet Çelebi, son of Yıldırım Bayezid. The architect of the tomb, which is a part of the Green Complex, is Hacı İvaz Pasha. The building, which has become the symbol of Bursa, is everywhere in the city. [...]


About Muradiye Complex

Muradiye Complex, Sultan II. The complex built by Murad in Bursa between 1425-1426. It also gives its name to the district where it is located. The social complex, Muradiye Mosque, Turkish bath, madrasa, soup kitchen, which was built in order to spread and expand the city around. [...]


A Corner Fisherwoman from Heaven

It is 42 km away from Bursa on the Bursa-İzmir highway. During the Byzantine Period, Apollania ad Rhyndacum was first attached to the Bithynia Diocese, then to Nicomedia and for a short time to the Kios dioceses. Ottomans [...]