2020 Seat Ibiza Price List and Features

The Spanish car manufacturer Seat, which is very popular and popular in our country, 2020 model Seat Ibiza draws attention with its cars. Seat, which changed its exterior and interior design with the Ibiza model released in 2017, preserves this exterior design in 2020 model Ibiza cars.

With its exterior design, Seat Ibiza, which is more similar to Seat's Leon model and gains a more modern and sporty look, has many innovations and accessories as interior design. Seat Ibiza 2020 Let's take a closer look at the price list and the highlights of the car.


Exterior design:

Seat Ibiza, whose exterior design was changed in 2017, maintains the same design features as the 2020 model. Full led headlights The vision system, which is strengthened with the design, is one of the points that remain the same in design. In Ibiza, which has two different paint types, opaque and metallic, 9 different color options has. While the Opaque White and Opaque Red colors are offered free of charge, other colors can be purchased optionally.

When we look at the design in general, an aggressive looking vehicle with sharp lines welcomes us. Although this look is unique to the Seat Leon model, the Ibiza model has gradually started to gain a more modern and tough look. Aluminum alloy rim Drawing attention with its options, Seat Ibiza 2020 offers users stylish and aesthetic equipment options.

Interior design:

The interior design of the Seat Ibiza model has been made driver and passenger friendly with very modern touches. Optional automatic air conditioning, trip computerThe 2020 Seat Ibiza, which has equipment such as a multi-function steering wheel, also included ambient cabin lighting in the interior design.

Unfortunately in the version of Seat Ibiza sold in our country fabric covering option only It is also worth mentioning. Despite its sporty and narrow appearance, the Ibiza, which has a very wide driver and front seat area, can be a little tight in the rear seats. The car, which has a very large luggage volume, compensates for the narrowness of the rear seats in this way.


Full Link touch media control screen:

8 inch Full Link touch screencan be used both as a media control and as a trip computer. Thanks to the Full Link multimedia system that you can optionally add to your vehicle, you can use the parking sensor, maps and smart devices on a single screen at the same time. The Full Link multimedia system is also MirrorLink, Apple CarPlay ve Android Auto Supports all popular software such as.

Wireless charger:

With the advancing technology, it becomes more and more important to be able to manage our smart devices wirelessly. Seat Ibiza at 2020, especially in order to get rid of cable clutter in the vehicle and not to negatively affect the driving experience. wireless charger has. It is worth noting that the wireless charging unit, like other accessories and hardware, is sold as an option.

BeatsAudio sound system:

Perhaps one of the most important equipment in the vehicle can be described as a beautiful sound system. Seat Ibiza, one of the best sound systems of today BeatsAudio used. However, in order to have the BeatsAudio sound system, you still have to pay an optional fee.


Seat Ibiza includes all of the safety precautions in middle segment cars. Driver and passenger airbags, tire pressure warning system, cruise control, brake warning, ABS, ESC, ASR ve hill start support In addition to standard security measures such as, Seat Ibiza has security features such as electronic stability control.

Electronic Stability Control:

Usually a security system that we cannot see in every vehicle electronic stability controlIt helps drivers a lot, especially on slippery surfaces and in difficult weather conditions. Detecting this when your vehicle first shows signs of skidding, the system automatically starts to slow down your vehicle gradually and keeps the vehicle balanced, minimizing the risk of running off the road.

Tire pressure warning:

Located between the speed and revolution indicators mini information display Thanks to Seat Ibiza, it can send many warning messages to the driver. You can also see the tire pressure warning on this screen, where you can see the cruise control system, emergency brake support system and fatigue detection message. If there is a problem with your tires, Ibiza drivers can prevent possible accidents by warning this screen.

Seat Ibiza engines and fuel consumption:

Although Seat Ibiza has more than one hardware package abroad, it is currently only Style hardware package is sold. Seat Ibiza, which does not go to engine alternatives in addition to this single sold equipment package, is sold with only one engine option. This is a big disadvantage in terms of diversity. Seat Ibiza Style's single engine, 115-speed automatic with 7 hp 1.0 EcoTSI petrol listed as.

Seat Ibiza 1.0 EcoTSI 115 HP DSG S&S:

  • Maximum speed: 193 km
  • Average fuel consumption (lt / 100km): 5,7 - 6,7
  • Acceleration (0-100km): 9,5 seconds

Seat Ibiza 2020 price:

  • Seat Ibiza EcoTSI 115 HP DSG S&S Style: 173.000 TL
    • With all optional equipment: 201.699 TL

Seat Ibiza 2020 We have come to the end of our content where we look at the price list and prominent features of the model. Although Seat Ibiza is one of the most stylish cars of the middle segment in terms of its features and design, the fact that almost all of these equipment is optionally sold both strains the budgets and creates a bit of disappointment. When examining the car, users cannot help saying that they should have included at least a few of them. What do you think about Seat Ibiza? You can share your opinions with us in the comments section.

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