Europe's Best Selling Car Volkswagen Golf in August


The European automobile market, which had a very difficult time due to the coronavirus epidemic that affected the whole world, then moved again with increasing demand.

Automotive News Europe has published a new report including automobile sales figures in Europe.

AUGUST LEADER: Volkswagen Golf

Lost his throne to Renault Clio for nearly two months Volkswagen GolfIt surpassed Clio with sales of 31 thousand 148 units in August and became the best selling car of August.

Renault Clio, which can sell 24 units, is followed by another Volkswagen Group member, Skoda Octavia.

The fourth place is Volkswagen Tiguan, while the fifth is the Peugeot 208. In short, all of the cars in the top 5 belong to Volkswagen Group.

Golf made the most sales in its home base, Germany. However, the situation is not different for other brands.

For example, the Peugeot 208 became the best-selling models in France and the Skoda Octavia in the Czech Republic.

Electric cars still fail to get a large share of the cake. Zero-emission models, which were crushed between gasoline and diesel models, managed to surpass fuel-powered derivatives only in Norway. - Engine 1 Turkey


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