Mercedes-Benz is under review by Deutsche Umwelthilfe

mercedes dieselgate

Following the Dieselgate scandal that broke out in 2015, government officials and environmental organizations continue to strictly monitor automakers. In this context, the German Federal Motor Vehicle Authority (KBA) accused Mercedes-Benz of using fraudulent devices to get around the latest Euro 6 emissions standards.

According to the KBA report dated July 7, 2023, three software-based fraudulent devices were detected in the OM350 diesel engine in the Mercedes-Benz E642 BlueTec model. Two of these devices varied engine operation based on certain temperature parameters. KBA notified Mercedes-Benz that it must fix these problems or the vehicles will not be allowed to operate and be recalled.

German environmental consumer protection group Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH) published the leaked KBA letter on Friday. Mercedes, on the other hand, stated that it cooperated with DUH and developed the necessary software updates to address the problems.

This isn't the first time DUH has reviewed Mercedes. In November 2021, the organization published a report claiming that it had again used fraudulent devices in its E-Class vehicles with the Euro 6 compliant OM642 power unit. DUH considered these devices to be illegal. According to the report, these devices reduced the amount of AdBlue injection required to neutralize harmful nitrogen oxides.