partner who succeeded in the teslayi

The Partner That Made Tesla Success In China

Tesla wants to be successful in the Chinese market, especially in order to dominate the post-pandemic electric car world. In the news published on the Bloomberg news site on July 13, 2020, the company's critical steps in the Chinese market and [...]

electric car attack

Electric Car Attack from China

The trend of the day is for electric vehicles; but in general they are more expensive than their fossil fuel counterparts such as gasoline. Now this issue has been addressed by a Chinese manufacturer and e-cars are also [...]


Airbus Launches Nightjar Team in Australia

Airbus created the Nightjar Team to build Australia's industry capacity. With the new formation, it is aimed to bring economic benefits of more than 250 million Australian dollars (AUD) to the country. Airbus Helicopters over 20 to form Team Nightjar [...]