Turkey's speed and Conventional Railway Construction Projects

Turkey's speed and Conventional Railway Construction Projects; In addition to high-speed railway construction projects, fast and conventional railway constructions continue intensely. The construction of 1.480 km of high speed railways and 646 km of conventional railways is ongoing.

Since 2003, Tecer-Kangal (Sivas), Kemalpaşa-Turgutlu and Kayseri Northern Crossing new railway; Menemen-Aliağa II. line, Tekir-Dağ-Muratlı double line, Cumaovası-Tepeköy, Arifiye-Pamukova and Kütahya-Alayunt II. Başkentray Project, Tube crossing of Marmaray, Nemrut Körfez Connection, Tepeköy-Selçuk 2. line construction, Kars-Tbilisi and junction lines were completed and put into operation.

The last time 1971 was introduced to the railroad in Van, 39 was the first time in 2010 that a new railway line connection was provided to one province. The 36 km railway between Tekirdağ and Muratlı has been double-tracked.

Bursa-Bilecik, Sivas-Erzincan (Sivas-Zara), Konya-Karaman, Karaman-Niğde (Ulukışla) -Mersin (Yenice), Mersin-Adana, Adana-Osmaniye-Gaziantep high-speed railway lines, Gaziray, Palu-Genç-Mus railway The construction of conventional railway lines of the displacement, Akhisar Variant, Aliağa-Çandarlı-Bergama, Gebze-Söğütlüçeşme / Kazlıçeşme-Halkalı (Marmaray), Adapazarı-Karasu continues.

Bursa-Bilecik High Speed ​​Railway Project

Construction of the 42 km railway between Bursa and Mudanya started in 1873 and was completed in 1891. Serving between 1892-1951, this line was closed and dismantled in 1953.

In terms of our railway history; The connection of Bursa, which is one of the first cities to be introduced to the railway, to the railway network was handled by our Ministry and construction started in January 2012. The infrastructure of the mentioned 106 km line is being constructed as double line, electrical, signaled, at a maximum speed of 250 km / h.

With the completion of the project, the long-standing railway longing of Bursa, which is a developed industrial city since 1953, will end. It will be connected to İstanbul, Eskişehir and Ankara. 2 hours between Ankara and Bursa will be 15 minutes, Bursa-Eskişehir will be 1 hours and Bursa-İstanbul will be 2 hours 15 minutes.

The socioeconomic value of Bursa, which is one of the leading cities of our country in terms of population and added value, will increase even more by connecting to the railway network.

Construction works in 56 km Bursa-Gölbaşı-Yenişehir section, infrastructure of 50km Yenişehir-Osmaneli section and superstructure and electrification, signaling and telecommunication (EST) construction works of Bursa-Osmaneli section (106 km) are ongoing.

When the project is completed, both passenger and high-speed trains will be operated. In addition, high-speed train and railway stations will be built in Bursa and Yenişehir, and a high-speed train station will be built in the airport.

Bursa Bilecik High Speed ​​Railway Line
Bursa Bilecik High Speed ​​Railway Line

Konya Karaman High Speed ​​Railway Project

In addition to the high-speed train operation between Ankara-Konya and Ankara-Eskişehir-Istanbul, the aim is to make the existing corridors double-lined to 200 km / h speed and to start high-speed train operation.

In this context; The 102 km railway between Konya and Karaman is made up of 200 km / h speed, double track, electrical and signaled. The infrastructure and superstructure works of the project, the construction of which started in 2014, were completed and the electrification works were temporarily accepted. Signalization works are continuing. When the project is completed, the travel time between Konya and Karaman will be reduced from 1 hours to 13 minutes to 40 minutes.

This project; Karaman-Ulukışla-Mersin-Adana – Osmaniye – Gaziantep – Sanliurfa-Mardin is the first link of the Fast Rail Corridor which follows the route.

Konya Karaman High Speed ​​Railway Line
Konya Karaman High Speed ​​Railway Line

Karaman Niğde (Ulukışla) Mersin (Yenice) High Speed ​​Railway Project

With the construction of Ankara-Konya and Eskişehir-Konya YHT operations and construction of Konya-Karaman High Speed ​​Railway; Karaman – Niğde – Mersin – Adana – Osmaniye – Gaziantep – Şanlıurfa-Mardin line became a prioritized corridor.

Karaman-Niğde (Ulukışla) -Mersin (Yenice) high speed train project 200 is planned to be double-line, electric and signaled at km / h speed. This line will carry both freight and passenger transport.

Infrastructure and superstructure works are underway to make the Karaman-Ulukışla section of 135 km fast.

The new double-track railway project between 110 km and Ulukışla-Yenice has been completed. Construction tender works are ongoing.

Karaman Ulukışla Yenice High Speed ​​Railway Line
Karaman Ulukışla Yenice High Speed ​​Railway Line

Mersin-Adana High Speed ​​Railway Project

It is planned to construct the High Speed ​​Railway line between Mersin and Adana, which will increase the capacity of the line, transfer the cargo from Konya, Karaman, Kayseri and Gaziantep to Mersin Port faster and increase the annual passenger transport by approximately 3 times.

67 km length 3.and 4.hat construction is under construction.

Mersin Adana High Speed ​​Railway Line
Mersin Adana High Speed ​​Railway Line

Adana Osmaniye Gaziantep High Speed ​​Railway Project

Currently, passenger trains on the Adana - Osmaniye - Gaziantep - Şanlıurfa-Mardin corridorzamIts spindle speed is 120 km / h and freight trains 65 km / h. After the completion of our high-speed railway projects in this section, passenger trains will be able to speed 160-200 km / h and freight trains 100 km / h. Thus, travel times will be shortened and a comfortable and quality service will be provided.

Within the scope of Adana-Osmaniye-Gaziantep High Speed ​​Railway Line

●● Construction works for the rapid double-lane crossing of the 79 km between Adana-İncirlik-Toprakkale are continuing.

●● The construction of the 58 km tunneled part of the 13 km double track high speed rail project between Toprakkale and Bahçe has started. Tender is planned for the remaining 45 km section.

●● The construction of the Fevzipaşa Variant between Bahçe-Nurdağı, which is designed as 160 km / h speed, is designed as electrical, signaled and double-line. Within the scope of the project, works are continuing with the 17 TBM machine for the construction of the longest tunnel (10,1 km long tube) in the railway tunnels that have been built on the 2 km route to date.

●● It is planned to construct a new double-track, electric and signaled 160 km railway between Nurdağ and Başpınar at 200-56 km / h speed. The 121 km corridor between the project and Nurdağ-Narlı-Başpınar will shorten approximately 65 km. Construction works are in progress.

●● The infrastructure of the Akçagöze-Başpınar variant project, which is under construction, has reached the completion stage and the tender for the superstructure construction is planned. 5,2 km tunnels will be constructed and 2 km existing line will decrease to 27 km and shorten 11 km. The travel time of freight trains will be reduced from 16 minutes to 45 minutes.

Adana Osmaniye Gaziantep High Speed ​​Railway Line
Adana Osmaniye Gaziantep High Speed ​​Railway Line

Sivas-Erzincan High Speed ​​Railway Project

Infrastructure works of Sivas-Zara (74 km) section of the Sivas-Erzincan High-Speed ​​Railway Line, which is the continuation of the East-West corridor and which will revive the historical Silk Road by linking to Kars-Tbilisi-Baku Railway Project, are in progress, Zara-İmranlı Refahiye - Project preparation and tender preparation works are continuing in Erzincan.

Sivas Erzincan High Speed ​​Railway Line
Sivas Erzincan High Speed ​​Railway Line

Gaziantep-Sanliurfa-Mardin High Speed ​​Railway Project

When considered together with its districts, the project works of Mürşitpınar-Şanlıurfa New Railway, which will connect Şanlıurfa, one of the important cities of the GAP Region, to the main railway network, have been completed. Due to the confusion on the southern border, the new railway line is planned to be built from the north to Gaziantep-Şanlıurfa-Mardin.

Nusaybin-Habur High Speed ​​Railway Project

One of the projects of great importance in trade with the southern neighbors of our country is the Nusaybin-Habur Rapid Railway Project. This project not only in Turkey, not in Syria or Iraq, will provide the rail transport to become more efficient in the Middle East and Europe. With the developments in the region, the said line will significantly increase the contribution of railways in exports to the Middle East and ensure the development of the regional economy.

Nusaybin-Habur high-speed rail project, which is under the scope of GAP Action Plan, has been suspended due to the sensitive situation in the region and the project preparation works will be continued when appropriate conditions occur.

Other New Railway and Second Line Constructions

Displacement of Palu-Genç-Muş Railway; The works for the displacement of the existing railway line of 115 km, which is affected by the construction of the dam to be built on the Murat River, is ongoing and will be completed at the end of 2019.

Akhisar Variant: The existing railroad passing through Akhisar was planned to be taken out of the city with the 8 km variant and the variant was put into service.

Sinan-Batman Railway Displacement: 7 km variant construction was completed and put into service.

Sincan-Yenikent-Kazan Soda New Railway Construction: Construction tender works are ongoing and it is planned to start construction within this year.

Diyarbakır-Mazıdağı New Railway Construction

Construction tender works are ongoing and it is planned to start construction within this year.

Köseköy-Gebze 3. 4. Line Construction: 3 next to the existing line. and 4. work on the construction of the line continues.

lWinter Lines
lWinter Lines

İltisak (Connection Line) Construction Project

In order to make the freight transportation, which has an important place in the general transportation policy of our country, more efficient with the railways, it is attached great importance to the construction of connecting lines with the additional lines to be made to the existing railways lines and door to door transportation. In addition to the existing 229 358 km long facilities and the connection line connected to the OIZs, 9 19 km long connection line connection works are continuing.

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