German Traveler, Thousands Km Road to Change Tires came to Izmir!

german traveler traveled thousands of miles to change tires
german traveler traveled thousands of miles to change tires

70-year-old German traveler Heinz-Günter Gondert has traveled more than a thousand km with his caravan. Traveler, to change the tires about a thousand km by making 36 Continental dealers in Western Tires came to Izmir. For the first time, Gondert replaced six tires with spare tires.

German traveler Heinz-Günter Gondert, 70, traveled with his caravan on a journey of 15 thousand km, starting from Riga, Latvia on May 170, to Batumi city of China and Georgia. The adventurous traveler came to the Continental dealer in Izmir to make another 36 km of road at his last stop in Asia and change the tires of his trailer.

Turkey many times I traveled by car to the past to change the tire dealers and Continental came very pleased that the last service received from the West Tire said. Gondert said, ım I started my journey with two spare tires. Now I'm buying 14.00R20 HCS Continental brand 6 new tires from Western Tire here. This is the first time I've changed the 6 tire. I was very pleased with the service of Batı Lastik, especially the balance. For me, it is very important that the tires move smoothly on the road for safety and comfort. ”

Send over, as about Turkey, he said: "Thanks to travel with the caravan countries, people can learn the best information about culture and history. I have visited Turkey several times. Approachable people I met in Turkey, historical places, I've seen different cultures. We visited the Anamur district of Mersin a long time ago. Here the fireman helped me change my tires. It was a beautiful memory I will not forget. It's hard to tell which is the most beautiful place we've been. Because we've met hot people almost everywhere we go, I think it's a beautiful place with hot people everywhere. In short, the most beautiful place in the world for us. Of course Turkey also meet me warm way I met a lot of people. "

Gondert advised those who would like to travel this way: “First of all, your health needs to be good. Such a trip requires a high degree of attention, as well as equipment such as good clothes, maps and medicine. Your vehicle or caravan must be well maintained and you must drive with at least two spare tires that are suitable for all road conditions. My choice was Continental's 14.00R20 HCS tires. Old vehicles create technical problems on these challenging and long journeys. You should also be able to live independently in your vehicle for several days. So you must have water, electricity and spare fuel. Another important point is choosing the right tire. I needed a solid, versatile tire for all terrain. I prefer tires that can be used on hard, stony and rough roads rather than high speed (90 km / h). The winter conditions, the traction, should not be forgotten. The Continental 14.00R20 HCS met all my expectations. ”

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