Shining star at the IAA Munich Fair: Pirelli


Pirelli's Leadership in Electric Car Tires

IAA Mobility Fair attracts great attention every year as one of the biggest events in the automobile world. The shining star of this year was Pirelli. With its expertise in premium and prestige electric car tires, Pirelli has become the favorite of the fair in Munich. Here are the details of Pirelli's success in this event:

Pirelli Preference in Electric Vehicles

Among the new cars on display, Pirelli was the original equipment supplier for approximately 25% of BEV (battery electric) vehicles and 30% of PHEV (rechargeable hybrid) vehicles. This demonstrates Pirelli's leadership in electric vehicle tyres.

Special Production Electric Car Tires

Among the tires exhibited by Pirelli at the IAA Mobility Fair were tires from different product families, from P Zero to Scorpion. These tires carry the “Elect” marking, indicating that they are produced specifically for electric cars. Designed to increase the performance of electric vehicles, these tires were developed to meet specific needs.

Pirelli in Hydrogen Fueled Vehicles

Pirelli was also the original equipment provider of the BMW iX5 Hydrogen, the only hydrogen fueled car exhibited at the IAA Mobility Fair. The FSC marked P Zero tires used on this vehicle stand out as the only tires made of natural rubber.

Pirelli Research-Development and Cyber ​​Senior Vice President Piero Misani states:

“The leadership position we have achieved in the field of electric mobility underlines the innovation power of our research and development unit. Pirelli is the only manufacturer that can apply its technologies for electric cars to all other product lines. This approach gives us greater versatility in being able to offer car manufacturers 'tailor-made' tires best suited to each vehicle's unique characteristics. Demand for specially developed BEV and PHEV tires continues to rise. “With the launch of the new P Zero E, the number of Elect homologations will increase even further.”

Elect Technology

Pirelli Elect is a suite of technologies developed to improve the unique characteristics of electric and rechargeable hybrid cars. Thanks to this technology, tires become more durable and acoustic comfort increases. Same zamAt the same time, the battery range is extended by tires with lower rolling resistance. Tests carried out by Pirelli showed how range can be increased by up to 10% on a full charge.

High Performance P Zero E

Pirelli's high-performance P Zero E tire for electric cars is one of the newest products launched on the market. These tires are manufactured using more than 55% natural and recycled materials and are made from natural rubber certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Additionally, Elect technology comes standard with these tires.

Pirelli's electric car tires offer drivers a high performance, safety and environmentally friendly option. Electric vehicle owners can have a better driving experience thanks to these special tires from Pirelli.