Ferrari Chooses Its Tire to Race Italy

Pirelli will be the title sponsor of the first Grand Prix to be held in Mugello. Same zamFor this race, which will celebrate Ferrari's 1000 race at the moment, the hardest tires of the series were selected: P Zero White hard with C1 paste, P Zero with C2 paste P Zero Yellow medium and P Zero Red soft with C3 cement.

In these elections, Mugello's fast and volatile demands were influential. Since Mugello was added to the F1 calendar for the first time, the selection was made taking into account any unpredictable situation.

The probability of seeing hot weather in the second week of September is still high; Protection against thermal degradation was also another reason for choosing harder tires.

Located on the slopes of Tuscany, Mugello is a very narrow track with plenty of different slopes and some bumps. Mugello, which thus creates a historical track feel, opened in its current form in 1974, but its roots go back to a road race in 1914.

While 15 corners can be taken mainly at medium to high speed, there are no very narrow bends or a large braking zone during the 5,2 kilometer lap.

Arrabbiata turns to the right, the fastest bends of the track, and a Formula 1 car is likely to take these bends at 260-270 km / h.

On the highly technical track, each turn is critical for different reasons: At the beginning of the tour, the Luco - Poggio Secco - Materassi complex must maintain the highest possible speed and perfect race line, while the Biondetti corners at the end are again vital in preparation for the next round.

The asphalt surface of Mugello, known for its aggressive nature, also places more demand on tires. The surface of the track was last completely renewed in 2011.

The F1 lap record (unofficial) that Ferrari driver Rubens Barrichello has maintained since 18.704 with 2004s1s is expected to be broken this year. Mugello, which has never been used in a Formula 1 race before and is known as the motorcycle track, is also preferred for F1 tests.

This year, for the first time, a Grand Prix weekend audience will take place. Only 3.000 spectators will be admitted to the second of the three races held in Italy this season.


“A great addition to the World Championship calendar, Mugello is of particular importance to Pirelli as we first used our Formula 2011 tires here in August 2010, just two months after the announcement that we will be the only official tire supplier from 1. This magnificent track is both very fast and will definitely place great demand on tires; For these reasons, we chose the hardest doughs. Like every new track, Mugello contains some unknowns for most pilots, and when it comes to strategy it is necessary to start from scratch. Free training will be particularly critical in collecting as much data as possible. We'll likely see the teams split their schedules to learn as much as possible about each tire in different conditions. As for us, we prepared by analyzing the data we received from other races in Mugello. Congratulations to Ferrari for reaching an incredible milestone of 1000 races. This is one of the reasons why it is such an iconic team in this sport, and it is very meaningful to celebrate this in a race we are the title sponsor. "

25.0 psi (front) |

20.5 psi (rear)

-3.00 ° (front) |

-2.00 ° (back)

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