Doğuş Otomotiv: “We are not going anywhere!”

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Your zamRegarding the allegations circulating in the media that "Doğuş Otomotiv is withdrawing from the industry", Doğuş Otomotiv made an official statement and denied these news. Here are the details of the official statement about Doğuş Otomotiv's future in the industry:

The official statement made by Doğuş Otomotiv;

“The need for a statement has arisen due to the unfounded news that has appeared in some media recently that Doğuş Otomotiv will leave the automotive industry.

Doğuş Otomotiv has been the distributor of Volkswagen Group brands in Turkey for more than 28 years and aims to carry out projects that will set standards in its sector as well as outside it.

In this regard, it operates at the highest ethical standards towards all its stakeholders and always delivers on its promises. zamIt considers being a reliable company that fulfills its duties as its highest reputation.

Established with a strategy parallel to both the standards of our main manufacturer and our vision of "providing creative service beyond expectations", Doğuş Oto continues its activities in the automotive retail and authorized service areas of our Company.

In the post-pandemic period where we witnessed changing and transforming economies, we decided to work with both our main manufacturer VW AG and an independent investor who adapts to Doğuş Group values ​​and who we believe will continue Doğuş Otomotiv's mission of being an example, seeing an opportunity for a regionally productive cooperation in the retail leg. and the application was implemented.

At this point, Doğuş Oto continues its activities in its current order in locations where it shows financial and operational performance. Our Company, which has built its corporate strategy on the target of "working with a focus on customer satisfaction", will continue to treat unconditional customer satisfaction as its number one priority and to provide sales, service and spare parts services to its customers in a widespread and uninterrupted manner.

The automotive industry is one of the main areas of activity of our company and our company will continue its investments in this field. “We would like to express once again to all our stakeholders and the public our determination to strengthen our presence in the automotive industry.”