Toyota's GR GT3 concept displayed


Toyota's new sports car was caught on camera while being tested on the dusty ground of the track. The concept version that we previously saw under the name "GR GT3" has now become a real car. This model, displayed on the Motegi track, attracts attention with its huge hood and sporty lines.

Toyota's WEC Target

According to the statements of Toyota WEC team manager Rob Leupen last June, this model will appear in WEC races by 2026. Moreover, thanks to the information provided by Leupen, this exciting car is not only suitable for race tracks but also for zamWe now learned that it will also have a version for daily use. Moreover, this version will carry the Lexus logo instead of the Toyota logo.


V8 Awesomeness in the Exhaust

The miracle heard in the videozam The exhaust sound makes us think that this car is powered by a V8 engine. However, no official statement has yet been made about the production version of this model, which is planned to start racing in 2026. However, as a hint at the future of the model, it is exciting to know that it is in the testing phase.

From Tokyo Auto Show to Motogei

Toyota introduced the GR GT3 concept for the first time at the Tokyo Auto Show in 2022. This model, which attracts attention with its stylish design, seems to carry the same lines in the production version. However, it is likely that there will be some design changes in the version that will hit the roads.


The Future of the Model and the Exciting Test Phase

Although there is no official statement yet, these images show that the model has started the testing process. In the future, it is expected that Toyota or Lexus will share detailed information about this car. In particular, the performance of the model is intriguing and we are waiting for official statements on this subject.


The Toyota GR GT3 concept creates excitement while hitting the track. This car, which aims to find a solid place for itself both on race tracks and in daily use, has already impressed car enthusiasts with its design and technical features.