Porsche officially introduced the 911 GT3 R Rennsport model


Rennsport Reunion 7, where Porsche celebrated its legendary motor sports history, opened its doors to American car lovers. As the Motor1.com America team, we attended this exciting event and had the opportunity to closely examine the GT911 R Rennsport, one of the most striking members of the 3 GT3 family.

Porsche GT3 R Rennsport: Small “r,” Big Performance

Although Porsche writes the name of this model with a lowercase "r", the respect we feel for this car cannot prevent us from pronouncing its real name: Rennsport. This is amazingzam The huge rear wing of the vehicle says "destur" just by its appearance.

Powerful Performance: 621 Horsepower Monster

GT3 R Rennsport hosts a 4.2-liter naturally aspirated engine. Although this engine is not taken directly from the GT3 racer, it can produce an impressive 621 horsepower. What is particularly striking is the model's ability to use only E25 gasoline.

Design That Carries the Spirit of Racing on the Road

The German manufacturer has avoided complying with "street standards" while preserving the racing spirit of the model. Therefore, the GT3 R Rennsport appears as a vehicle produced only for the track. However, the sound released by the huge exhaust outlets offers drivers the option with or without a silencer. The sequential 6-speed gearbox takes on the task of controlling the rear wheels.

Performance and Elegance Together: 911 GT3R Rennsport

Shining in the light of BBS rims and Michelin's special tires, this performance monster took its chassis and suspension system directly from the GT3 model. This promises drivers excellent handling.

A Complete Experience: Limited Edition

This model, which is every car enthusiast's dream, will be one of Porsche's most special models. However, there will only be 7 lucky buyers who will be able to choose from 77 color options and three different cabinet designs. Its price starts at 1.046.000 dollars, which is almost 30 million TL at today's exchange rate.



Porsche GT3 R Rennsport appears as a limited edition masterpiece. A dream for those looking for performance, design and uniqueness, this car takes Porsche's motorsport heritage to the highest level.