MG ZS EV Named Best Used Electric Compact SUV

mg zs home voted best used electric compact SUV
mg zs home voted best used electric compact SUV

MG ZS EV, the electric model of legendary British automobile manufacturer MG, represented in our country by Doğan Trend Automotive under the umbrella of Doğan Holding, decorated its success in the market with a special award. The model is featured in Europe's leading automobile magazine, the British “What Car?” It was named “Best Used Electric Compact SUV” at the 2021 Electric Car Awards organized by the company. The 2019% electric ZS EV in the B-SUV segment, which was first offered for sale in Europe in 100, was unrivaled in terms of price-performance, and received praise and reached the award. In the award process, which is carried out by analyzing all electric and hybrid models currently used in their respective categories, the MG ZS EV was described as "the best used electric car in its segment". The prize is the same zamAt that moment, “What Car?” It is also important that the magazine is giving an award in the field of used electric vehicles for the first time and that the award goes to MG ZS EV.

The 100% electric model of the British brand MG MG ZS EV, Europe's leading automobile magazine British "What Car?" It was named “Best Used Electric Compact SUV” at the 2021 Electric Car Awards organized by the company. The 2019% electric B SUV model, which MG put on sale in Europe in 100, achieved great success, especially due to its "unrivaled price-performance". After analyzing the electric and hybrid models in their own segments, the MG ZS EV, which won the award, was described as the best used electric car that can be purchased in the compact SUV segment.

The award process, on the other hand, was carried out by a detailed examination of each 100% electric (BEV) and plug-in hybrid car model in the market in order to give the most accurate advice about electric vehicles to consumers. During this period, all the candidates were grouped in different categories and scoring was realized in a way that only one winner would come out of each category. During the process, electric cars used by the expert committee were also examined. In this way, it was ensured that the users were able to understand which of the electric cars they were considering was the best in the price range suitable for their budget.

The electric vehicle market is now evaluated with awards!

Rechargeable electric cars are the fastest growing vehicle segment all over the world. magazine's awards, and created the "used electric car" category. Giving the first award in this category to the MG ZS EV is of particular importance for British MG. Also this year, the MG ZS EV was the winner of the "Electric" category in the "Family Car of the Year 2021" elections of the Flemish Automobile Association (VAB) in Belgium. Evaluating these achievements of MG ZS EV, MG Motor Europe CEO Matt Lei said, “As a new manufacturer and a new brand, we embarked on a journey in Europe. It is very nice to see that our products have already been received with great enthusiasm in Europe”.

Smart choice: MG

MG's electric models, which attract attention with their stylish designs and are equipped with advanced technology, are among the most reliable cars in their class with high quality standards. models, same zamoffered to consumers at affordable prices. All these features form the basis of MG's "smart choice" feature. The brand that develops strategies with the aim of making electric cars accessible; “What Car?” With the award it received from the magazine, it has carried its successful strategy to the second-hand market. MG's “intelligent” concept is not just for car models; same zamIt also includes customer experiences. Accordingly, the MG customer zamthe moment he owns his car with an experience surrounded by conditions that make him feel safe. 5-star MG ZS EV from Euro NCAP; In Turkey, MG ValueGuard offers a unique purchasing process with its standard 7-year-150,000 km vehicle and battery warranty, strong sales and service network, in addition to the buyback guarantee.

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