Çukurova-Bostancı Team Won the 30th Aegean Rally

cukurova bostanci team won the aegean rally
cukurova bostanci team won the aegean rally

The fourth race of Shell Helix 2021 Turkish Rally Championship, the 30th Aegean Rally, was held in İzmir Seferihisar on 16-17 October. The rally, which started with the start ceremony attended by Seferihisar District Governor Naci Aktaş, TOSFED President Eren Üçlertoprağı and TOSFED Vice President Orhan Birdal on Saturday, October 16, witnessed a great competition as the teams struggled due to heavy rain.

Burak Çukurova-Vedat Bostancı team from BC Vision Motorsport team completed the Aegean Automobile Sports Club (EOSK) race in the first place with a margin of 76 seconds and won their second victory in İzmir this season. The second-place team was Ford Fiesta R10.1 from Castrol Ford Team Turkey and Ümit Can Özdemir-Batuhan Memişyazıcı, while Buğra Banaz-Gürkal Menderes team from BC Vision Motorsport finished the race with Skoda Fabia R5 in third place. Castrol Ford Team Turkey took the first place in the brands of the rally, and BC Vision Motorsport took the first place in the teams.

Efe Albağlar-Ersin Ören from GP Garage in Class N, Emre Hasbay-Burak Erdener from Castrol Ford Team Turkey in Two Wheels and Class 4, Erol Akbaş-Egemen Dural from the same team in Class 3, Clio Rally in Class 5 Mehmet Besler-Egemen Ertük from Trophy Turkey became the teams that shared the first place. Emre Hasbay from Castrol Ford Team Turkey became the young pilots winner of the race, Alperen Tetik competing with Gürol Baranlı, the young co-pilot winner, Nissan Micra and Özlem Uludağ Gülcan, the female pilots winner, and Tuncer Sancaklı, the female co-pilots winner from Clio Rally Trophy Turkey. competed with Asena Sancaklı.

In the Turkish Historic Rally Championship, which is open to classic rally cars over 35 years old, Üstün Üstünkaya-Kerim Tar from Parkur Racing team once again won both the general classification and Category 2 first place, while Levent Gür, who raced for the first time with his son Ömer Gür, won the second place. The father-son team competing with Murat 131 is the same. zamAt the same time, it also became the owner of Category 1 first place. In the Historic classification, the real Sunman-Bahar Sunman couple competing with Murat 131 won the third place.

Ayhan Germirli-Mustafa Nazik, the team from Izmir, who competed with Ford Fiesta R1 on behalf of Castrol Ford Team Turkey in the Şevki Gökerman Rally Cup classification, won the first place. zamIt was the Category 3 winner at the time. Okan Tanrıverdi-Sevilay Genç, who won the second place in this classification with Ford Fiesta R2, is in the same category. zamAt the same time, he reached the category 2 first place and rose to the leadership in the cup. The third place in Şevki Gökerman Rally Cup general classification was Peugeot 208 R2 with Eskişehir team Ateş Berberoğlu-Elif Sarıkaya, Ford Fiesta R1 with Ford Fiesta R1 from İzmir, Kemal Çetinkaya-Ünsal Deniz in Category 3, Ford Fiesta ST with Bursalı Mehmet Gökseven-Bahadır Özcan in Category 254,68 They were the teams that shared the first places. The teams traveled 8 km for two days. in XNUMX special stages zamThe tough rally he fought against the main event was on the finish podium at Sığacık Teos Marina on Sunday evening, 17 October, in which Seferihisar District Governor Naci Aktaş, Seferihisar District Police Chief Temel Salman, Seferihisar District Gendarmerie Commander Captain Abdülkadir Şimşek and Seferihisar Youth and Sports District Director Arzu Yıldırım Toğrul participated. It ended with the award ceremony.

Shell Helix 2021 Turkey Rally Championship will continue with Kocaeli Rally to be organized by Kocaeli Automobile Sports Club (KOSDER) on 13-14 November.

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